How to Get Dried Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

For all your extra fizzy root beer needs

With the big Scar update finally live in Disney Dreamlight Valley, I’m sure many people have already started his quest line. At one point you’re tasked with creating Extra Fizzy Root Beer, which is actually more complex than you might think. For this particular type of root beer, you’ll need Dried Ginger and you can only find it in a specific spot.

Where to Find Dried Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While questing, you’ll make your way to Vitalys Mines and eventually clear something blocking a river. Around that area, you’ll find a campsite. In that campsite is a green chest housing the Dried Ginger you’ll need to make the Extra Fizzy Root Beer. It may sound relatively straightforward, but the game can be a little confusing as to how you are supposed to go about using the Dried Ginger.

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Using Dried Ginger for Extra Fizzy Root Beer

The green chest in the campsite houses both Dried Ginger and Crackling Candies, which the game states you’ll need to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer. However, a recipe you receive for the new type of root beer is identical to the regular one. You might be tempted to simply make root beer the same way you always have since the game suggests you should, but that won’t work. If you use regular ginger to make the root beer, it will not be extra fizzy, so you must use the dried version. Additionally, while trying to make the recipe, do not select “Autofill” to create it or it will default to normal ginger.

Once you make a batch of the Extra Fizzy Root Beer, you’ll never have to do it again, as the dried ginger you found is the only one in the game. Nonetheless, if you’re curious about different recipes, we have a Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Guide detailing every dish in the game.

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