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How to Get Don’t Knife the Hand That Feeds Achievement in High On Life

Should you listen to the blood crazed knife telling you to kill everyone?

by Daphne Fama
High on Life

High on Life has been released, and players will find themselves immersed in an alien universe full of fast-quipping and distinctly suicidal aliens and chatty weapons. This is a game that prompts you to do the most misanthropic, ridiculous nonsense, going against what the usual game logic is. But it’s also a game where certain achievements can easily be missed. Among these is the Knife the Hand That Feeds Achievement.

How to Get the Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds Achievement in High On Life in High on Life

If you want to obtain the Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds achievement, you’ll first have to head to the slums once you land in the new alien world. From there, you’ll need to work your way through, gobbing green gloop, juggling ants, and eventually killing them until you reach an area where you can claim Knifey.

Knifey is, predictably, a knife. But it’s also a knife that loves what it does and wants nothing more than to carve away at everyone it comes across violently. Including you. But after being lost in a space poker game by Gene to resident bounty hunter 9 Torg, Knifey is determined to bury itself in Gene’s stomach.

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Ignore it for now and continue the level, defeating 9 Torg (and possibly 5 Torg), then return home. Once you’re home, you’ll find that Gene has already set up locks on your house, certain that you’re dead. He’s less than enthused to see that you’re alive, and when he sees that you have Knifey he suggests you keep it.

Knifey agrees, but not before asking to stab Gene. You’ll then receive a prompt to stab Gene.

Should You Stab Gene in High on Life?

You should stab Gene in High on Life. Not only because it’s an action with zero consequences, but because he locked you out of your house and left you for dead. And also because it will net you the Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds achievement. Gene will take the stabbing and note that you don’t always have to do everything the user interface tells you to do before continuing on with the plot as usual.  

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