Warframe Dante
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How to Get Dante in Warframe

Not the Devil May Cry Dante, sadly.

Warframe’s latest update, Dante Unbound, brought yet another new frame for you to farm and build. Here’s how to get Dante in Warframe.

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How to Farm Dante in Warframe

You have two options when it comes to acquiring Dante’s blueprints in Warframe. The much better of the two options is to farm for Dante’s parts in the new Deimos node Armatus. This node is unlocked after completing every main quest including Whispers in the Walls, and is selectable from the navigation console in your Orbiter. This follows the standard Disruption rules, with certain blueprints dropping from different rotations. For example, I got Dante’s Neuroptics blueprint from Rotation B. With any luck, you should snag all of Dante’s parts with ease.

Warframe Research Dante
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Your other option (which goes hand in hand with the first) is to purchase each of the blueprints from Loid in the Sanctum Anatomica. While completing objectives in the new Armatus node, you’ll receive a new resource called Vessel Capillaries, which can be spent in the Research Dante section of Loid’s menus. The Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems cost 90 Vessel Capillaries, while the main blueprint costs 270. You can also spend these on weapon parts and blueprints, Captura scenes, and a Riven Transmuter.

What Do You Need to Build Dante?

Once you have the blueprints needed to build Dante, you’ll need the following resources:

  • Dante Neuroptics Blueprint
    • 15,000x Credits
    • 3x Entrati Lanthorn
    • 10x Control Module
    • 4x Bellow Voca
    • 4x Neural Sensors
  • Dante Chassis Blueprint
    • 15,000x Credits
    • 2x Entrati Lanthorn
    • 8,000x Alloy Plate
    • 12,000x Entrati Obols
    • 2,000x Plastids
  • Dante Systems Blueprint
    • 15,000x Credits
    • 3x Entrati Lanthorn
    • 4,000x Circuits
    • 9,000x Entrati Obols
    • 450x Necracoil

While some of these resources are fairly easy to collect, things like Entrati Lanthorns, Obols, Necracoils, and Voca are all earned either from the Entrati Labs missions on Deimos or the Zariman Ten-Zero, in the case of the Entrati Lanthorn. Either way, once you have the resources required, you simply need to spend 12 hours building each part, and then an additional 72 hours to build the main blueprint. After that, Dante will be yours.

All Dante Abilities in Warframe

As with all other frames, Dante sports four separate abilities alongside a passive. These are as follows:

  • Passive
    • Noctua scans targets, recording information for your Codex. Status Chance increases by 50% on fully scanned targets.
  • Ability 1 – Noctua
    • Open Noctua, Dante’s Exalted Tome, and unleash a tale of woe upon his enemies.
  • Ability 2 – Light Verse
    • Dante’s vitalizing composition grants him and his allies Overguard and increases their health.
  • Ability 3 – Dark Verse
    • Dante’s composition draws blood from nearby enemies, inflicting Slash Damage upon them.

For Ability 4, Final Verse, this requires a bit more explanation. Between Ability 2 and Ability 3, the last two abilities you cast will cause a different effect when casting Final Verse. These effects are as follows:

  • Two Light Verses – Provide allies with a buff that increases Health and Overguard, with kills regenerating Overguard.
  • Two Dark Verses – Attack enemies. Any damage over time they suffer will be sent out in a single blast.
  • Light Verse followed by Dark Verse – Gift allies copies of Noctua. These copies sync their attacks with that ally’s attacks
  • Dark Verse followed by Light Verse – Summon Paragrimms that fly at enemies, making them vulnerable to Status Chance and draw fire away from your allies.

If you’re looking for more help acquiring other frames, check out our guide on how to get Qorvex in Warframe.

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