How To Get Chocoberries In Sun Haven

Feed these heckin' chonkers what they need, pronto.

Snaccoons are some of the cuddliest and most adorable critters I’ve encountered in my time playing Sun Haven, and I’m willing to do anything I can to get them exactly what they need. Be it apples or berries, those are easy to come by, but something that has been alluding me for a bit of time are Chocoberries. If you’re hoping to escape the forest, you’re going to need to get your hands on 15 of these particular fruits, but you may not know where to search. Don’t be like me and waste countless hours of your life searching the world around you for them, as they’re right before your eyes. Let’s find out where to get Chocoberries together, so we can finally get this adorable chonkster out of the way.

Where To Find Chocoberries In Sun Haven?

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If you’ve been venturing throughout the lands searching for these berries, you can stop while you’re ahead. Chocoberries do not grow in the wild, and you’ll need to make your way into town if you’re hoping to finally secure a few for yourself. If you’ve explored the village more than I did, you may have already known this, but there are two different spots where you can get your hands on seeds.

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Screenshot: Prima Games

When heading into town, you’ll want to make your usual stop at the General Store, but instead of going into the door on the left, you’ll want to go into the Farming Store. Sure, you can get plenty of seeds and materials inside of the General Store, but they’re going to be the most basic of choices. The shop next door, on the other hand, is full of exotic fruits and seeds that you can utilize.

When Can You Grow Chocoberries In Sun Haven?

If you’re looking to feed your Snaccoon friends, or just want a new treat to nibble upon, you’ll have the entirety of Spring and Summer to start growing them. They take a total of 6 in-game days for them to reach full maturity, and then they’re ready to be harvested. After you’ve done this, just be sure to put 15 of them off to the side, and the rest are yours to experiment with.

Now that you’ve gotten your hands on plenty of berries and a new outlook on your farm, make sure to dive into our Sun Haven section down below to find out more information, like if you can farm on the go with your Steam Deck.

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