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How to Get Bone Fragments in Pax Dei

No animals were harmed in the making of this article.

In Pax Dei, finding resources is difficult if you can’t figure out the source for it. Since there are hundreds of resources available in Pax Dei, you might overlook some areas and find out that the resources you have been looking for were so easy to find. This is the case for finding Bone Fragments since Pax Dei doesn’t have a straightforward way of telling you where they are.

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Where to Get Bone Fragment in Pax Dei

In some starting areas, some resources are quite scarce. For Bone Fragments, you get them through dead animals that could have bones in them. Animals like deer or boars aren’t that common in specific areas, but you can always look for them in the grassy fields or the mountains.

If you placed your plot somewhere far from these areas, you’ll struggle to find Bone Fragments, speaking from experience. However, there are some easy animals you can hunt like the rabbit, which gives one Bone Fragment per rabbit. These rabbits go in groups (around 5-6 in a group), so if you ever find them, you’ll get several Bone Fragments in one go.

They run away from you, but you can always chase them. The same goes for deer, but they are harder to chase. If you can find some boars, they also give Bone Fragments, but you should prepare at least a Pointy Stick or a Crude Shield because they’ll be fighting you when you engage them. At least they won’t be running, right?

What Are Bone Fragments Used For?

Bone Fragments are used to craft the following useful tools:

  • Basic Leatherworking Tools
  • Basic Fletching Tools
  • Basic Tailoring Tools

Once you craft these tools using the Basic Carpenters Bench, you’ll still need other resources like Planks, Wooden Pegs, and Wooden Beams. For the Basic Tailoring Tools, you need to make the Spinning Wheel first and make some Coarse Linen Strings using Flax as it is needed to craft the Simple Tailoring Table (tailoring workbench).

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