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How to Get Augment Crystals in Fire Emblem Engage

Get ready to slam that auto-battle button

by Daphne Fama

If you’re wondering how to improve your Engage Weapons, there’s really only one thing you need to do: get lots and lots of Augment Crystals. But doing so is often easier said than done. Here’s how to get Augment Crystals in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to Get Augment Crystals in Fire Emblem Engage

Engage Weapons are the special weapons Emblem Rings allow its users to wield, offering significant damage and utility boosts. But they can always be better. By going into the Augment menu in the Ring Chamber, you can see that each weapon has an assortment of stats that can be boosted. These stats are:

  • Mt (Might/Attack)
  • Hit (Hit Rate)
  • Avo (Avoid)
  • Crit (Critical Hit)
  • Ddg (Dodge)
  • Dex (Dexterity)
  • Spd (Speed)
  • Def (Defense)
  • Res (Resistance)

But each stat requires a minimum of 10 Augment Crystals to reach the next Level. For example, to increase the Avoid of an Engage Weapon, you’ll need 10 Avoid Crystals.

So, how do you get Augment Crystals?

There are two ways to do so. You can beat the game, where you’ll be granted an assortment of hard-to-obtain resources, including Augment Crystals. But if you want to augment your weapons before that, you’ll need to play Tempest Trials.

Tempest Trials is accessible in the Somniel after completing Chapter 11. At that point, you can head to the Tower of Trials, either by walking or through fast travel, and access Tempest Trials through the menu.

Depending on where you are in the game, you’ll have an assortment of maps to choose from. Each map is more likely to provide you with a specific Augment Crystal. Here are the odds for each Trial map:

  • Verdant Plain → more likely to drop Defense Crystal
  • Floral Field → more likely to drop Dexterity Crystal
  • Mountain Peak → more likely to drop Might Crystal
  • Winter Forest → more likely to drop Resistance Crystal
  • Desert Dunes → more likely to drop Speed Crystal

Once you’ve selected the map you’d like to play on, you can then choose a difficulty. The recommended difficulty will reflect your current team, going up to 40 as its max. And while it’s possible that Tempest Trials can give you EXP, it also tracks your progress in the game. I don’t receive exp unless I’m playing over Difficulty 30.

That being said, I recommend you prioritize obtaining the Crystals over obtaining EXP. If you lose in the Tempest Trials, which is a game mode that requires endurance, you will receive 0 rewards. But the higher the difficulty, the more rewards you’ll get. For example, at Level 25, I received the following:

  • Crit Crystal (2)
  • Dodge Crystal (1)
  • Def Crystal (2)
  • Avoid Crystal (1)
  • Speed Crystal (1)
  • Resistance Crystal (2)
  • Dexterity Crystal (1)

A total of 10 Crystals and seven different types. This was also on Floral Fields as I was grinding out Dexterity Crystals. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side.

Each time you play a Tempest Trial, the enemies you’ll face and the map you’ll fight them on will be randomized but in keeping with the map’s chosen theme. Floral Fields will look like Fierne, Desert Dunes will be reminiscent of Solm, and so on.

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You will need to complete three maps to eventually gain your crystals. If you select a difficulty high enough to gain EXP, only the units on the final map will obtain EXP. Once you complete the trial, you’re likely to gain an assortment of Augment Crystals, not just the crystals advertised on the Tempest Trial map. Thus, you’ll need to complete multiple Trials to level up one segment of your Engage weapon.

It’s quite the slog! But if you’re playing on harder difficulties where Skirmishes are limited, this is one of the best ways to give yourself an edge.

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