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How to Get Anomaly Shards in Warframe

Its gathering method can be quite the anomaly.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Anomaly Shard

The more resources that release in Warframe, the easier it is to become lost in the hundreds of systems the game offers. You have regular resources from specific planets, rare resources that take a lot of farming alongside different farming methods, you have the roguelite mode of Duviri that just released, including a Go minigame. The point is, there are a lot of different systems, with one part causing players some serious confusion. Here’s how to get Anomaly Shards in Warframe.

Where to Find Anomaly Shards in Warframe

Warframe Narmer Murex Mission
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Anomaly Shards are awarded upon completing a Murex ship within the Veil Proxima missions in the Railjack mode. Provided you’ve done enough Railjack missions, you will have access to certain Veil Proxima nodes that have a red flash on them. These are the missions you want to start up, within which you’ll find a Narmer Murex ship. Enter one of these ships and kill 20 Sentient enemies, and you’ll be awarded with one Anomaly Shard. Get ready to do a lot of these, since a lot are needed in various aspects of the game.

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What Do You Need to Collect Anomaly Shards in Warframe?

Before you dive headfirst into the Veil Proxima, there are a few things you’ll have to consider. First off, you’ll want to have your strongest loadout equipped since you’ll inevitably need to go in and fight level 80-100 enemies. You’ll also need to make sure your Railjack is maxed out with as good of mods and parts as you can muster. Finally, make sure you either have friends you can play with or have crewmates. These crewmates can be purchased from Ticker in Fortuna, and it’s good to have at least one Engineer alongside two Gunners if possible.

What Can You Use Anomaly Shards For?

Anomaly Shards have several uses from mandatory (for mastery) to optional. For mandatory uses, you’ll need three Anomaly Shards to craft a part of Caliban, with nine total required to build all of Caliban. The Venato melee also requires five Anomaly Shards to be built. This totals out to 14 Anomaly Shards to build all necessary items. As for less useful items, two Anomaly Shards are required for Caliban’s Cranion helmet. 15 Shards are required from the Tenebrous Ephemera, while 10 are required for each of the Captura scenes offered by Little Duck in Fortuna.

With some time investment, a good build, and some allies, getting Anomaly Shards should be more time-consuming than difficult. If you’re looking to gather up some other resources, check out the best way you can farm Orokin Cells in Warframe.

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