How to Get and Use Emblem Boosts in Pokemon Unite

A new currency that is super confusing!

Pokemon Unite is a totally different way to interact with the Pokemon franchise. It’s a MOBA similar to games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends, but set in the Pokemon universe and simplified in many ways. However, there are a ton of different currencies and other free-to-play elements in the game that can be confusing. Here is what Pokemon Boost Emblems do in Pokemon Unite.

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How to Get and Use Emblem Boosts in Pokemon Unite

At first, this system seems overwhelming and a little bit confusing. The game actually does nothing to explain what these items do and how they affect the overall gameplay, but they are incredibly important.

Each emblem is broken down into color and rarity, directly indicating the type of stat and power of the emblem itself. It gets a little more confusing as colors will also negatively impact a secondary stat. So while something may increase your attack, it might also decrease your health. They all have a tradeoff, and really sinking time into understanding how it works is essential to the future of Pokemon Unite.

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Below is a breakdown of the colors and bonus stats:

  • Green: Sp. ATK
  • Yellow: Movement Speed when out of combat
  • Red: Basic Attack Speed
  • Blue: Defense
  • White: HP
  • Black: Move Cooldown Reduction
  • Orange: Attack
  • Purple: Sp. DEF
  • Pink: Hindrance Effect Duration

You can stack these effects up to three times by placing the same color on your Pokemon’s loadout. So, for instance, if you have multiple green emblems, you can get up to 4% SP.ATK. The number of stacks needed to add the next boost tier are listed below.

  • Green: 2 Emblems, 4 Emblems, 6 Emblems
  • Yellow: 3 Emblems, 5 Emblems, 7 Emblems
  • Red: 3 Emblems, 5 Emblems, 7 Emblems
  • Blue: 2 Emblems, 4 Emblems, 6 Emblems
  • White: 2 Emblems, 4 Emblems, 6 Emblems
  • Black: 3 Emblems, 5 Emblems, 7 Emblems
  • Orange: 2 Emblems, 4 Emblems, 6 Emblems
  • Purple: 2 Emblems, 4 Emblems, 6 Emblems
  • Pink: 3 Emblems, 5 Emblems, 7 Emblems

You can equip up to ten emblems per loadout. So mix and match the different emblems to make a build that you think works best for the Pokemon you play.

To get more emblems, you’ll need to play matches and use the Energy Rewards system you’ve been using to get random cosmetics. There is no straightforward way to get the emblem you’re looking for; it’s all up to chance.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get and use Boost Emblems in Pokemon Unite.

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