How to Get and Use Eidolon Phylaxis in Warframe

A silly name for a silly consumable.

Dagath and her Spectral Horses in Warframe
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If you want to get the most out of Operation Plague Star in Warframe, you’ll want to craft both of the consumables needed for later bounties. Here’s how to get and use Eidolon Phylaxis in Warframe.

Where to Get Eidolon Phylaxis in Warframe

Compared to its brother, the Infested Catalyst, the Eidolon Phylaxis’ method of being acquired is much simpler. To do so, head to Nakak in Cetus and check out the Operational Supply window. From here, check out their offerings. You’ll want to progress to the rank of Collaborator, then purchase the Eidolon Phylaxis blueprint for 2,000 standing and 4,000 Credits. This will give you five blueprints to use.

Once you have the blueprints, go to the foundry in your Orbiter and search for Eidolon Phylaxis. They require the following materials:

  • 15x Iradite
  • 20x Grokdrul
  • 10x Nistlepod

Once you have the materials, craft it and wait one minute for it to finish. From there, you’re free to claim it.

How to Use Eidolon Phylaxis

Once you have some Eidolon Phylaxis, make your way over to the Arsenal and into your gear wheel, marked by a circle tab. If you’re confused about where to find it, check the image above for guidance. Once there, select an empty slot and place it in the Eidolon Phylaxis.

With it in your gear wheel, head into a Plague Star bounty and proceed until you reach the Toxin Mixing stage, where you must defend the mixer against enemies for a few minutes. Approach the mixer and open up the gear wheel, then select the Eidolon Phylaxis to use it. This will increase the bounty reward by 250 standing for each Phylaxis used, up to a maximum of four.

If you’re looking for more help with getting both consumables, check out our guide on how to get and use Infested Catalyst in Warframe.

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