How to Get and Use Dramatic Masks in Lethal Company

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Version 45 has expanded Lethal Company, and also made it a tad creepier. There’s a couple of familiar-looking masks that make the player act…strange. If you’re curious about them, let’s find out how to get and use the Dramatic Masks in Lethal Company.

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How to Use the Dramatic Masks

Or rather they use you. Here’s how they work: if a player finds one, and puts it on, it’s only a matter of seconds before they get possessed by the Mask. The Tragedy Mask does this almost instantaneously, giving you just a couple of seconds to try it on, if you love taking unnecessary risks, that is. You can do that by holding the left click. The Comedy Mask will give you a bit more time, around ten seconds, but it will possess you nevertheless. 

When a player gets possessed, they die and get kicked into spectator mode. Its body then gets possessed by the Mask and turns, essentially, into another monster. They will hunt other players to try and kill and possess them too. Oh, and they can also follow you outside the building. Fun! 

What are the Dramatic Masks? 

The Dramatic Masks can be found as regular scrap on any moon in the game. They’re not just any scrap, though, they can easily put you and your teammates in serious danger. They look just like regular theater masks: a smiling one for Comedy, and a sad one for Tragedy. You can find either of them at any time. 

Here’s how to tell them apart: the possessed players will always have an orange jumpsuit, and the Mask will be permanently on their face, they don’t need to be holding it. Another important thing to point out is that taking control over a player isn’t the only way this monster can appear. They can also spawn by themselves and you wouldn’t know it, as they appear as another player on the terminal. More fun! 

The good news is that these monsters can be killed like any other. Melee weapons and shotguns will do the trick. They can be stunned with a Zap Gun or a Stun Grenade, too. 

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