How to Get and Evolve Peachone in Vampire Survivors

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Peachone How to Unlock How to Get Vampire Survivors
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Peachone is a particular and unique weapon in Vampire Survivors that takes a while to master and use to its full potential. Regardless, Peachone is very interesting and has a powerful evolution called Vandalier that can often prove to be a handy weapon to support the remainder of your arsenal. Here’s how you can get Peachone and evolve it in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock Peachone in Vampire Survivors

Peachone is unlocked by reaching Level 10 with any Vampire Survivors character on any stage. After the ten-minute mark, you can leave the run if you specifically want to unlock Peachone during the run, but I’d recommend you stay and farm some more Gold; you’ll need it later, trust me.

It is worth mentioning that Peachone is the starting weapon of Toastie, an unlockable character in Vampire Survivors. Before we proceed to the explanation of how the evolution of Peachone is done, I will need to explain to you how to unlock Ebony Wings, the counterpart of Peachone, which is an essential part of this union.

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How to Unlock Ebony Wings in Vampire Survivors

Ebony Wings is unlocked by pushing Peachone to Level 7 during any Vampire Survivors run. It is also a starter weapon of Exdash, one of the secret characters in Vampire Survivors. Did you know that both Peachone and Ebony Wings have their “other” counterparts?

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How to Evolve Peachone and Ebony Wings into the Vandalier Union in Vampire Survivors

Peachone has a specific Evolution in Vampire Survivors, referred to as “Union,” and is accomplished by having both Peachone and Ebony Wings at max level and then picking up a Treasure Chest from a boss you have slain. Here’s what the Peachone icon looks like:

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