How to Get and Complete Find the Missing Shipment in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Do you like it when angry women shout at you? Do you like carrying hazardous goods? Then Find the Missing Shipment is the perfect quest for you! Here’s how to get the Find the Missing Shipment quest and how to complete it once you get it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Get and Complete Find the Missing Shipment in Baldur’s Gate 3

I’ll be honest. When I first did my playthrough, I completely missed the woman who gave you this quest. But, on my second run, I managed to find her before I found her dead couriers and their loot. Here’s how to do it better than I did.

How to Get the Find the Shipment Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

Getting this quest is a little convoluted. First, you must get to Waukeen’s Rest in Act 1. Once you’ve found the burning building and all the Fist, head left towards the barns. There, you’ll find a dead ox on the ground. And beside the ox is a door that’s blocked by a bunch of boxes.

Destroy or move the boxes to enter the storeroom. Inside, you’ll find a bunch of Firewine barrels. If you look left, past the shelves, and speak to the man hiding, you’ll trigger a Dexterity check. You need to roll 10 or better. Fail, and he’ll set the entire room on fire.

Remember those Firewine barrels? Those will explode, and the damage is immense.

If you’d prefer a persuasion check, don’t look at the man. Instead, continue through the storage room as normal, following the path, and he’ll jump you. You’ll then need to pass a 10 persuasion saving throw. Pass, and he’ll give you the key to the cellar.

man who will jump you
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Fail and, yeah. He blows you both up.

Once you have the key, go to the end of the storage room to find a hatch. Enter it with the key.

the cellar hatch
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Inside the Cellar

Once you’re inside the cellar, head down the ladder. You’ll find a desk with two boxes stacked beside it. Search the boxes to find the Engraved Key.

the engraved key
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With the Engraved Key, interact with the locked wardrobe in the Northwest corner of the cellar. This will give you access to the hidden stairs.

the wardrobe
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Descend the stairs, and you’ll be inside the Zhentarim Basement. Get a little further in, and you’ll meet Zarys, who will demand to know who you are.

a picture of Zarys
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You’ll need to pass a strength, intimidation, or persuasion saving throw of 10 or better. Succeed, and you can walk in through the front door.

Head down past the iron gate, then climb up the ladder to speak to Zarys herself.

But note, if you speak to Oksar at the bottom of this pit, you can start a quest line that will have its finish in Act 3.

Zarys will then task you with Finding the Missing Shipment. And she has specific instructions. Don’t open the goods.

Now, let’s find her missing couriers and their shipments.

Finding the Missing Couriers in Baldur’s Gate 3

So, finding the missing couriers isn’t that difficult. Take the road east from Waukeen’s entrance and follow the road. This will bring you to a pack of hyenas who are feasting on, you guessed it, some caravans and couriers. Kill them and examine the bodies closely, even if you’ve already been here.

You’ll likely find the Dead Caravan Agent, who will hate a letter about the shipment. Read the letter to learn a little more information about why you should not open the chest.

Shipmen orders location
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Follow the dirt trail upward, but not too far upward.  

There’s a pack of Gnolls and hyenas ahead. There are technically three routes you can go. The left route, which I recommend; the middle route, which is so-so; and the correct route, which I don’t recommend.

The left route is the best as it can potentially allow you to speak to the caravan merchants and convince them to join the fight. You’ll need to sneak through the left cave, make a significant jump, speak to them, and persuade them to join you.

But, with my current spells, I couldn’t make the jump. If this is the case for you, it’s still the best route to take the battle. That’s because you can force the hyenas to trickle slowly to you, which is excellent. After all, there are eight of them—two normal hyenas, five Gnolls, and one boss Gnoll. And at levels 3 and 4, it can be a very challenging fight.

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Going up the middle route offers a straight fight, but the Gnolls will quickly fall on your position. If you feel confident in your abilities, there’s nothing wrong with this position.

The right route will put you through a cave. However, it is fiercely booby-trapped, and the gnolls will be on you very quickly. Likewise, the merchants died as I tried to fight my way through this position.

Their death won’t stop you from finishing the quest. But you can intimidate them for a little extra gold, so there’s some pragmatic value in keeping them alive.

Speak to the Caravan Agents

Once the Gnolls are dead, one of the agents will come out of the cave to speak to you. This conversation can derail the quest, leading you to keep the chest.

If you want to complete the quest like normal, continue. I’ll discuss the contents of the chest below.

When speaking to the caravan agent, select the third option and tell him his boss sent you. He’ll be grateful and give you a password for the tavern in Lower City, which you can find in Act 3. You can then intimidate him (saving throw of 10) to give you a monetary reward on top of everything else.

A picture of Rugan
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With that done, you can travel to the hideout to collect your reward.

But if you’re thinking about keeping the chest, here’s what you’ll need to do and what you’ll get.

First, you’ll need to intimidate or persuade the agent into letting you have it. This will require you to roll a 15 or higher. You’ll then meet a second dialogue check, which again requires 15 or higher, to convince the agent to let you sell the chest yourself.

If you succeed, he’ll let you take the chest. Or you can kill them.

Inside the chest, you’ll find the Iron Flask.

The Iron Flask location
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The flask, when interacted with or thrown, releases a Spectator. This mighty monster can be used against your enemies. But note it has no allegiance. It will attack whoever it’s closest to. Or whoever it happens to see.

A picture of the spectre
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This is the big benefit, so choose wisely.

Return to Zarys in Baldur’s Gate 3

Return to the Zhentariam Basement and speak to Zarys to claim your prize. She’ll give you a crossbow called Harold and 169 gold for your effort.

Harold Crossbow
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If she tells you, she’ll wait until her men get back, take a long rest. This will be sufficient time for the caravan agents to return with the box. Once you’ve completed this quest, Brem, the local merchant, will now stock better items.

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