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How to Get an Advanced Collection Net in Raft

by Nikola Pajtic

Imagine yourself stuck on the high seas on a boat with little to no food and other needed items to survive. Well, Raft offers the same experience as players are in the middle of the ocean with just a tiny raft. The early access title came out on 23 May 2018, but on 20 June 2022, the full version was released, bringing the game’s final chapter. 

With the limited assets, you will have a hard time surviving stranded on the open sea. However, crafting and collecting are the main mechanics. To improve your chances of collecting more valuable debris, you need the Advanced Collection Net. Here’s how to get the Advanced Collection Net in Raft. 

How to Craft Advanced Collection Net in Raft

Before you can craft the Advanced Collection Net, you must research enough materials at the Research Table. When you research Titanium Ingots, you will automatically unlock the crafting recipe for Advanced Collection Net. 

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Before you get the Advanced Collection Net, you will have a regular Collection Net that can hold only 10 items and once it is full, the items will start floating around it. 

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However, the Advanced Collection Nets offer 15 slots for various things. It is not easy to craft as you will need:

  • Plank x 6
  • Rope x 10
  • Titanium Ingot x 4

How to Use Advanced Collection Net in Raft

These nets are placed around the raft and serve as automated farming – items that float into the net will remain there until you collect them. Make sure to leave a gap between collection sets as that way, you will cover a greater area. 

It would also be wise to build temporary Foundation armor as sharks may destroy all your hard work and the glorious Titanium Ingots will go to waste. 

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