How to Get All Ultimate Weapons in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

You'll become OP sooner or later.

Star Ocean Second Story R Ultimate Weapons Featured

Star Ocean: The Second Story R introduced new Ultimate Weapons for all of its 13 characters, which are often related to the new features introduced in the remake. These are the best equipment options for each member of the playable cast, and here’s how to get them.

Where to Find All Ultimate Weapons in Star Ocean: Second Story R

The Ultimate Weapons are found by completing certain high-end activities throughout the game. Many can only be obtained in the post-game, but there are some exceptions. There is still some difficult post-story content in which you can use your new shiny weapons, and New Game + is also a thing, so they won’t go completely to waste.

None of the Ultimate Weapons have Factors attached to them, but you can freely customize them to have what you want using the Reforge Super Specialty. They’re deemed “Ultimate” thanks to their unique effects, higher stats, and for being exclusive to their intended character (Only Claude can equip Planeteer, Love Force is exclusive to Rena, etc).

Claude – Planeteer

Complete the “A True Survival Battle” Group Battle match in Fun City Arena. This will only be available after completing the Maze of Tribulations extra dungeon, unlocked after beating the game and reloading your save file.

Rena – Love Force

Complete the “Ten Wise Man Marathon” Group Battle match in Fun City Arena. It unlocks automatically as soon as you beat the game without having to go through the Maze of Tribulations.

Celine – Volticry+

After catching all 66 types of fish, speak with Reel. She can be found either in L’Aqua (Nede) or Harley (Expel). If you missed some of the Expel-exclusive fish before entering Nede, you can only get it in the post-game.

Ashton – Souen & Guren

Obtain a total of 100000 points in the Cooking Master minigame in Fun City and claim it from the Challenge Missions. Each round can net you from 7000 to 10000 points if you play it almost perfectly, so it shouldn’t take long until you get it. Can be obtained as soon as you arrive in Fun City.

Opera – AAM Clip

Complete 80% of the Enemy Encyclopedia and claim it from Challenge Missions. While getting it before completing the game is possible, make sure you spend some reasonable time in every area to see all of its enemies, and you’ll get it next to the final Dungeon.

Precis – Roaring Burst Puncher

Rewarded by beating the Ultra Ogre Raid Enemy in Expel. Only accessible in the post-game and also requires a reasonably strong party.

Welch – Gutsy Hand Stick

Found inside a treasure chest in the Altar of the Dancer in Maze of Tribulations B4. This room is filled with many chests that only contain “?” items that must be analyzed. One of the “?WEAPON” will be Welch’s ultimate poking stick.

Bowman – Heart of Hearts

Inside a chest found northwest of the Eluria Tower in Expel. Only accessible in post-game as it requires the Psynard.

Ernest – Glorious Thorn

Obtained by defeating the Ultra Crimson Beast Raid Enemy in Expel, next to the Maze of Tribulations. Also post-game exclusive.

Dias – Hachimentei

Reward for besting the Ultra Aulbear Raid Enemy in Expel. This one’s technically not post-game exclusive, as you can access its location early in the game, but you probably won’t have the sheer power needed to defeat it.

Leon – Forth Book of Occult Prophecy

Rewarded by defeating the Ultra Wizard Raid Enemy in Expel, also in the Maze of Tribulation island. There are other rewards for defeating certain Raid Enemies, but powerful weapons are the most common by far.

Noel – Natural Vice

Complete 65 Guild Missions and claim it from Challenge Missions. You’ll probably finish the game before you can actually complete all of these.

Chisato – Variable Volt

Find 30 Unique Spots and redeem the weapon through the Challenge Missions. Just make sure to explore everywhere you can around the map, especially when you get access to the Bunny/Psynard, and you should get it by the time you complete the Four Fields in Nede.

While you can’t use them to complete your adventure for the first time, the game has a lot to explore after beating the final boss, such as re-challenging it in its more powerful incarnation. Having these weapons is a huge benefit in such battles, and it’s only one of the many additions made in the enhanced remake version of the game.

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