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How to Get All Hololive Skins in Among Us

Pay up, nerd

by Lucas White

As of a September 20, 2022 update a new collaboration between Among Us and the VTuber agency Hololive Production has been released. The collaboration comes in the form of a Cosmicube, a sort of battle pass-like system that rewards Among Us playtime with skins. This one is a premium set of course, meaning you can’t expect any freebies. It’s also a limited-time gimmick, so you have until December 20 to put the money down. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get the Hololive skins in Among Us.

The Hololive Production Cosmicube is priced at 110 Stars, which is the premium currency introduced in Among Us in late 2021. Luckily unlike other in-game marketplaces, you can just buy 110 Stars in a bundle for $9.99. No weird leftovers to make you feel bad about not buying more.

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Buying a Cosmicube doesn’t just give you everything. Instead, it unlocks a branching path of unlockables. Unlocking everything requires Pods, a bespoke currency you earn simply by playing Among Us with the Cosmicube activated. Pods don’t transfer between Cosmicubes, so make sure you have the Hololive Production one “equipped.”
As you make your way through the Hololive Production Cosmicube you will walk away with the following cosmetic items:

  • Ayunda Risu Outfit
  • Ayunda Risu Hat
  • Gawr Gura Outfit
  • Gawr Gura Hat
  • Houshou Marine Hat
  • Houshou Marine Outfit
  • Inugami Korone Outfit
  • Inugami Korone Hat
  • Moona Hoshinova Outfit
  • Moona Hosinova Hat
  • Nekomata Okayu Outfit
  • Nekomata Okayu Hat
  • Ookami Mio Outfit
  • Ookami Mio Hat
  • Shirakami Fubuki Outfit
  • Shirakami Fubuki Hat
  • Usada Pekora Hat
  • Usada Pekora Outfit
  • Watson Amelia Outfit
  • Watson Amelia Hat
  • No Thoughts Visor
  • Sweepy Visor
  • Smug Aura Visor
  • Ah. Visor
  • Hmph! Visor
  • Teehee! Visor
  • Bored Now Visor
  • Nudge-Nudge Visor
  • Marine’s Eyepatch Visor
  • Haha What Could Be Wrong? Visor

Once again, the Hololive Production Cosmicube will only be available until December 20, 2022. So if you want to betray your friends while dressed up as Gawr Gura, now’s the time to act.

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