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How to Get a Thunder Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Here's a shocking idea: buy it from the shop

by Daphne Fama

Paldea might be one of the most biologically diverse continents in the Pokemon World. Step outside Mesagoza West or East gates and you’ll be utterly bombarded with a wild array of Pokemon. But chief among them is Pokemon’s biggest and most well-known mascot: Pikachu. Pikachu requires a Thunder Stone to evolve, but so do a variety of other Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, many of whom you’ll encounter fairly on, like Magnemite’s evolved form, Magneton, and the ridiculous, helmeted Tadbulb.

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If you want to supercharge your electric Pokemon before the gym, a Thunder Stone for these Pokemon is the way to go. And fortunately, there are a handful of ways you can get your hand on this stone fairly early on in the game.

How to Get a Thunder Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Like many items in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, evolution stones can be found on the ground, usually in a biome associated with their element. For example, Fire stones are extremely common in the mining area just North of Levincia City. But where should you hunt if you want a Thunder Stone?

There are three confirmed places with guaranteed Thunder Stone spawns in the overworld:

Levincia City

Levincia City – It makes sense that you’d be able to find a Thunder Stone in the home of Electric-type Gym Leader, Iono. Her trademark Pokemon, Bellibolt, even evolves from a Thunder Stone. To find a Thunder Stone of your own here, head to the pier in Levincia City that juts off the right side of the Pokeball-style boardwalk until you hit the wall closest to the East Paldean sea. There, in the middle of the pier, will be a Thunder Stone!

West Province (Area One)

West Province (Area One) – Central

From the Pokecenter in West Province (Area One), cross the bridge. You’ll see a set of turbines lining the river on your right side, along with steps to climb them. Climb the very first one and, at the top, you should find a Thunder Stone! There are other items worth ascending for on the other turbines, so check them out!

Casseroya Lake

Casseroya Lake –

Head past Asado Desert and drive across the lake’s surface, heading for the North-West island. It’s the largest of the “broken” islands and connects to the rest of the shore with a tiny bridge. Once you’ve reached this mini-island, head up the hill to the very top. There, beside a rock, will be a Thunder Stone!

Delibird Presents

Some evolution stones (most importantly, Thunder) become available through Delibird Presents and cost 3,000 LP or Pokémon Dollars. This chain of shops is available in three major cities: Mesagoza, Cascafarra, and Levincia. But stones will only begin appearing amongst the merchandise when you’ve defeated three Gym leaders.

Good luck finding that stone, Trainer!

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