How to Get a Fancy Suit in Starfield

Sorry, Mr. President.

If someone told you to kill the president in Starfield, would you? What if it got you the best fancy suit in the game? I think we all know the answer to that one. Here’s how to get a fancy suit in Starfield.

How to Get a Fancy Suit in Starfield

Sure, you’ve probably gotten dozens of spacesuits as you’ve traversed the galaxy. But have you found a singular fancy suit? You know, one with slacks, a blazer, and a button-up shirt? The answer’s probably no, because there aren’t that many in the game. Here’s how to get every last fancy suit for all your big business needs.

Note: if you’re actually here because of the Ryujin Industries quest, Access is Key, scroll down.

SuitLocationHow to Get It
Franklin Roosevelt’s Outfit  Charybdis III, CharybdisYou must side with Khan in the quest Operation Starseed. You can then loot the suit from Roosevelt’s body. Siding with anyone else prevents you from getting this outfit.
Syndicate Boss SuitVolii, Neon CityDuring the Shadows in Neon Freestar Ranger quest, you’ll be tasked with confronting Emmet Goodman. Kill him, and there’s a random chance you’ll be able to loot his suit.
Formal Slack Suit  Jemison, New AtlantisPurchasable from EIT Clothiers. Note, doesn’t have a jacket.
Green Fashionable Suit  Jemison, New AtlantisPurchasable from EIT Clothiers.

How to Get a Fancy Suit for the Ryujin Industries Faction Quest ‘Access is Key’ in Starfield

Ryujin Industries has some of the best fashion in the game. And in Access is Key, you’ll need to look the part. To that end, you’ll need to get a suit.

In Neon City, head to the bottom floor / outside of the elevator that will take you to Ryujin Industries. Near the Ryujin elevator will be Ryujin’s dedicated shop. Aito, the shopkeeper, will be standing right in the center. And from him, you can buy suits ranging from 330~ to 600~ credits.

Easy! Good luck grabbing that key.

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