How to Get 2 Primary Weapons in MW3

A vest so good it paid off my student debt, changed my oil, and boosted my KDA

If you’re feeling restricted by the pistol or launcher in your second weapon slot, never fear. Here’s how to get two primary weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

How to Get Two Primary Weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Your primary weapon will always be your go-to murder machine, but what if you need to reload at a pivotal moment? What if you encounter a potential kill, but your primary weapon doesn’t have the right range to handle the fight? The answer, of course, is to get a secondary primary weapon.

And doing so is quite easy. To equip two primary weapons in MW3, you just need to equip the Gunner’s Vest, which is unlockable at level 20 in your loadout. Or alternatively, you can equip the Overkill vest, which is unlocked at level 50. Here’s how to equip the Gunner Vest.

Go into multiplayer and then select weapons. Go into your loadout and edit it.

You’ll see two rows. The top row will read “Infantry Vest”. Click this. This will then display all the Vests you currently have unlocked. While the Gunner Vest doesn’t explicitly state that it will allow you to run two Primary weapons, by equipping it you can automatically put a second primary weapon in your secondary weapon slot.

Beyond allowing you to equip two primary weapons, the Gunner Vest also lets you deploy with max ammo and improves your reload speed. And, if you have Mag Holster equipped, you’ll also get the effects of Mission Comlink. Mission Control Comlink reduces the number of kills you need to get your killstreaks by one, effectively making the Gunner Vest function as if you have Overkill, Sleight of Hand, and Hardline equipped at the same time.

Not bad for an early level vest.

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