Star Rail Forging the Divine Weapon Feature

How to Forge the Divine Weapon in Honkai: Star Rail

A divine fake, you might say

During the ridiculous but rewarding questline of the Tales of the Fantastic event in Star Rail, we play our part in this theatrical piece. During the third and final chapter of the event story missions, you’re eventually faced with the task of “Forging the Divine Weapon,” where you’ll need to follow a specific process to proceed.

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If you weren’t paying attention to that absolute blabbing from both Xiyan and Shuyin (the child actor), I wouldn’t blame you. But the instructions on how to correctly forge said weapon lay amidst all of that incomprehensible nonsense. Don’t worry; here’s how to forge the Divine Weapon in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Complete the Forging the Divine Weapon Objective in Honkai: Star Rail

To forge the Divine Weapon speak with the child actor (who might be called Dan Heng, MK 2000, or whichever option you went for him); he will tell you the correct recipe for forging the divine weapon. He first tells you through an enigmatic poem, but he can make things simple if you ask him for it. 

  • 1 – Put in the Bona Aqua
  • 2 – Put in the Ignis Auriliae
  • 3 – Put in the coolant
  • 4 – Put the hilt-wood in first, and then the Bona Aqua
Star Rail Forging the Divine Weapon Answers
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The process involves applying Bona Aqua, then Ignis Aureliae, and then the coolant. After that, apply the hilt-wood and some extra Bona Aqua to seal the deal.

With the answers above, you should be able to advance to the final stage of the story, where all that’s left is to face one final enemy to conclude this mess of a story!

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And after getting your so-deserved rewards, the final combat stages featuring some brand-new Plot Armor buffs are now waiting for you, so jump to it as soon as possible! You probably don’t want to miss out on some free Jades for the awesome 1.2 version banners.

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