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How to Fix the Wuthering Waves Black Square Bug on PC

What is that square anyway?

The launch of Wuthering Waves has been largely successful on both PC and mobile despite some technical issues getting in the way of the experience. Some users have reported that they see a black square at the left side of the screen that flashes when hovered over. This isn’t exactly a problem with the game, and we’ll explain how you can fix this black square bug in Wuthering Waves.

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Fixing the Wuthering Waves Black Square Bug

The black square that players have reported on the left side of the screen is actually the NVIDIA Reflex Indicator, which you can turn off in GeForce Experience.

This is what the “visual bug” looks like:

You can disable the black square by following the steps below.

  • Open GeForce Experience from the taskbar or Windows search
  • Select Settings, followed by Performance Monitoring
  • Here, toggle off the “Always Show Reflex Flash Indicator”

That’s it, and the next time you won’t see the black square in-game.

  • If you are using the NVIDIA App, the setting can be accessed by opening the NVIDIA overlay (Alt + Z is the default shortcut).
  • At the bottom, select Statistics, followed by Reflex Analyzer
  • Here, toggle off the “LDAT Support” option

That’s all you need to do, and we hope you don’t see the black square/box anymore. It can be pretty distracting, and was quite confusing to pin down what exactly was causing it. Wuthering Waves also has NVIDIA Reflex, and we recommend enabling it in the in-game settings.

To further improve your Wuthering Waves experience, we recommend turning off chromatic aberration for improved image clarity. Additionally, if you’re running into any issues with your controllers, here are the recommended fixes to address those. For more, make sure to check out our dedication section for Wuthering Waves to get the best tips to navigate Solaris-3.

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