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How to Fix the ‘Low Network Performance’ Error in SMITE

Prima Games Tech Support is on their way!

by Nikola L

When playing online games, especially those where connection issues can significantly impact your performance, having connection difficulties can be stressful. The “Low Network Performance” Error is something a fair amount of SMITE players experience during their gameplay, so Prima Games is here to provide a list of things you can do to fix the “Low Network Performance” Error in SMITE.

How to Solve the “Low Network Performance” Error in SMITE on PC, PlayStation, Xbox

General troubleshooting that can be applied to any SMITE platform is that you should connect it directly to your router via a cable. Wi-Fi connection can sometimes be unstable, even if it’s a 5 GHz connection. Cable connection is still supreme in stability and speed despite all the wireless technology.

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If there is suspicion that the issue is on the Hi-Rez side, here are some status pages that you can check to see if there are issues on the SMITE servers:

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  • Additionally, it might be a good idea to power cycle your console and/or network router (this involves turning it off and unplugging it from the power source for about half a minute).
  • It is also essential to keep your console/PC software (system, drivers, etc.) up to date.
  • One thing that many people overlook is that other devices in your household can put a strain on your connection. Double-check if other devices are downloading big files, such as system updates.
  • Check your internet connection online via Speed Test, Jitter Test, etc., and contact your ISP if you notice some issues.

We hope that these steps have successfully resolved the “Low Network Performance” issue in SMITE. If not, reach out to SMITE (Hi-Rez) Technical Support.

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