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Can You Fix the Last Will and Testament Quest Bug in Destiny 2?

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by Daphne Fama

Amanda Holliday’s death might be one of the hardest things that has happened since the loss of Cayde. But we do have something to remember her by. Unless, of course, you’re being stricken with a bug that prevents you from claiming it. Can you fix the Last Will and Testament Quest bug in Destiny 2?

Can You Fix the Last Will and Testament Quest Bug in Destiny 2?

If you’ve completed the Retribution quest and spoken to Commander Zavala, you likely have in your possession the Last Will and Testament quest. The quest is extremely straightforward, with only two steps. But for many Guardians, it’s impossible to complete.

At least, right now.

Those who have reset the War Table in the H.E.L.M. already have Amanda’s ship, the Brazen Spark, in their possession. This is clearly an oversight on Bungie’s part, and there have been ample theories that the reward for resetting was meant to be something else, like an emblem or a sparrow.

But because you already have Amanda’s ship in your inventory, you can’t claim it twice. Meaning you can’t complete the quest, no matter what you try.

Fortunately, Bungie is aware of this issue.

In a tweet, Bungie Help stated, “We’re currently investigating an issue causing players who previously acquired the Brazen Spark ship to be blocked from completing the Last Will And Testament quest.”

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This quest isn’t the only thing that’s bugged with the new patch. There’s quite an extensive list of things that went wrong, and it’s likely the reason why maintenance was extended through most of the day. We’ll likely see a fix in the coming days or possibly a week, as Bungie tends to like putting their patches out on Tuesday. But, with as many bugs and errors as there are currently in the game, we might see that patch sooner.

To see the full breadth of everything that changed in the game this week, check out the comprehensive patch notes here: Destiny 2 Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes Listed.

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