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How To Fix Overwatch 2 Friends List Not Showing Up

Hits a little too close to home, Blizz.

by Matt Vatankhah

Leave it to Overwatch to remind you of your lack of a social life. Since its launch on October 4, Overwatch 2 has had a host of issues preventing eager players from jumping in; massive queues, disconnections, game crashes, and even DDoS attacks. Unfortunately, the problems don’t seem to stop even if you successfully make it to the main menu screen, as you may find that you’re unable to invite any of your friends to a party. Don’t fret – we’ve got some tips to help you join up with your squad and get to playing. Read on to learn how to fix your friends list not showing up in Overwatch 2.

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How To Fix Friends List Not Showing Up in Overwatch 2

Screenshot by Prima Games

Right now, you may find that your Friends list is quite empty, aside from a lovely reminder from Bastion that you, indeed, have no friends. While there doesn’t seem to be an exact fix to restoring your Friends list, many users have discovered workarounds that will get you partied up for the time being. Until Blizzard gets everything working again, try these options out:

  • Get your friend to invite you
    • Some players’ Friends lists are working fine. If that’s the case with someone you know, have them invite you and others instead.
  • Use the chat function to invite manually
    • You can actually type /invite username in the chat box from the main menu to invite someone to your party.
  • Restart Overwatch 2
    • Definitely not the ideal option, as you’re lucky enough to successfully make it to the main menu screen as it is. Though, if all else fails, it might be your only option.

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Unfortunately, your Friends list not showing up is just one of many errors that will ultimately be up to Activision Blizzard to fix. Until then, we’ll just have to wade through the trials and tribulations of live-service gaming in the modern day.

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