How to Fix Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Vault Edition Not Working

If it ain't broke don't fix it

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Players have noticed a small issue where some of the features they should’ve obtained with their Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Vault Edition not working properly. Is this actually a bug or is there something that people haven’t noticed here?

How to Fix MW3 Vault Edition Not Working

The MW3 Vault Edition is working just fine, but the BlackCell Season One Battle Pass bonus is not available in-game yet because the game was released without its own BP. The bonuses are still registered in their account, but they just can’t access it yet. Everyone who bought the Vault Edition received the following extras alongside the base game:

  • Nemesis Operator Pack, including the following Operator Skins: Marakov, Warden, Price, and Ghost.
  • Two-Weapon Vaults
  • BlackCell Season 01 Battle Pass, including 1100 CP and 50 Tier Skips.

But since there’s no actual battle pass available in MW3 just yet, there’s no way for players to redeem and use those bonuses just yet. There’s no official date for the first MW3 Season just yet, but most guesses point to an early December release, based on MW2’s current Season ending date.

Speaking of which, everything earned in MW2’s Season 6 Battle Pass will be carried over to MW3 as soon as players launch it. While the game doesn’t have its own BP yet, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to grind for now. Aside from the current BP goods, all other cosmetics and many other progression unlocks are carried over to MW3.

But if you’re having any other trouble related to Vault Edition perks, such as Operator skins not unlocking, you might have to contact Activision directly, as this is not something to be expected. But don’t fret if you don’t see anything regarding BlackCell in your account for now. It’s not there for you and it’s also not there for anyone else.

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