Does Season 6 Battle Pass Transfer to Modern Warfare 3? Answered

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is coming over to be a complete successor to MW2, carrying a lot of stuff from the previous game to the new title. But will the Season 6 Battle Pass also transfer to the latest entry?

Is the Season 6 Battle Pass from MW2 Transferring to MW3?

The Season 6 Battle Pass rewards from MW2 will be carried entirely over to MW3. This includes any cosmetics and other exclusive stuff you might’ve unlocked. The pass itself cannot be leveled while playing the newest title, but anything you open for it while playing MW2 will still be available for usage once the complete change to MW3 is made.

MW3 still doesn’t have its first official Battle Pass, and this one should only be available around December. Obviously, rewards won’t be retroactively available to MW2, as resources will most likely be fully allocated toward MW3 from now on. It is the sequel, after all.

Players who bought the Vault Edition will get access to extra perks such as Tier Skips when the pass is finally available to the general public. These are still guaranteed even though the game was released without one, so don’t worry if you don’t see them immediately as soon as you log in.

Other cosmetics and unlockables, such as Operators, are also immediately available in MW3 if you got them in the previous game, so a huge part of your progress during the last year will still be relevant for a good while.

As mentioned before, while there’s no official date for the first MW3 battle pass to release, it is expected to drop around December. You have plenty of time to finish farming for anything left in MW2 until then, so take this time to get used to the sequel and its different game modes like Zombies.

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