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How to Fix ‘Login Did Not Go as Planned’ on EA

A whole lot of trial and error

by Madison Benson
How to Fix Login Did Not Go as Planned on EA

When you hear about a major update in one of your favorite games on the EA app, one of the first things you’ll likely do is hop on, log in and look for your newly updated game. However, you may occasionally run into an issue right at this beginning step when attempting to log in. You’ll either get booted out of the application or, after logging in, will get a message saying “the network failed to do its network thing.” Yep. If you’d like to learn more, continue reading to discover how to fix this ‘Login did not go as planned’ bug in the EA launcher.

How to Fix ‘Login Did Not Go as Planned’ on EA

Often, the cause of this issue is an EA server error when the service is overloaded by a large number of players attempting to enter a specific game. Because of this, even when you get into the launcher, you may struggle to play games if other internal errors occur. However, there are some times where it’s a client-side internet issue. For now, we’ll start at square one and go from there.

Before Doing Anything: Check EA’s Server Status

One of your first steps should always be to check EA’s server status to see if they’re working. While sometimes they’re just temporarily overloaded and return to normal shortly after, you may occasionally run into a situation when they’re down completely and don’t allow any players to access the platform. You can use Downdetector or official EA Help social media to track this!

If EA’s servers are down and either site has announced this, you’ll mainly be playing a waiting game until they resolve the issue. Until then, there are some workarounds you can try.

Solution One – Restarting the Application

As simple as this may sound, sometimes the classic “unplugging and plugging back in” solution is the key. In some cases where I’ve had this bug occur, restarting the EA app solved the issue for me on several occasions. While it isn’t guaranteed, it’s a quick and easy first attempt.

Checking Your Internet

An alternative method is to see if it is a client-side issue with your internet. While this may initially sound like another unplugging and plugging back in, this can also mean a potential internet outage. If you have other online services also loading slowly, you may have to wait until your internet returns to normal before attempting to log into the EA app again.

Contacting EA Support

Occasionally, when all else fails, you may have to contact EA Support to troubleshoot the exact source of the problem. By doing this, they can navigate you through a series of personalized steps or provide context for why the issue is happening, which can help you find a more permanent solution.

The EA launcher is available to download through its official website. If you’d like to learn more about it, be sure to check out Is EA Play Down? How to Check EA Play Server Status.

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