How To Fix League of Legends “Your Session Has Expired” Error

Maybe it's for the best.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of playing League of Legends, the only thing that could make it worse is to be abruptly kicked out of your game’s client mid-match. Recently, players have reported encountering an error that boots them out of the League of Legends client both while in the pre-game lobby and, sometimes, during the middle of a match with an error that reads, “Your Session Has Expired”. Though you’ll be able to finish your match, you’ll miss out on the post-game shenanigans and statistics that the client offers you, and will be required to launch it again to continue playing.

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Like the MOBA genre itself, this simply isn’t acceptable. Keep reading to learn how to fix the “Your Session Has Expired” error in League of Legends.

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What Causes the “Your Session Has Expired” Error in League of Legends?

Simply put, the “Your Session Has Expired” error is Riot Games’ anti-AFK measure to help alleviate stress on the game’s servers. Therefore, encountering the error while in the League of Legends client (not in-game) means that you’ve been idling for too long and need to get active. Click some stuff, browse the shop, check out all those Skins you could be spending your money on.

However, encountering the error while in the middle of a match could be due to some underlying issues on your end. Let’s go over some options to possibly stop it from happening.

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How To Fix The “Your Session Has Expired” Error in League of Legends

If you’re actively playing League of Legends and still receive this error, try these steps out to hopefully alleviate the problem:

Check Your Internet Connectivity

  • Try stopping any background downloads, clearing your browser cache, and/or restarting your modem completely.

Change DNS Servers

  • If you’re using the default DNS settings from your ISP, try switching them over to Google DNS, or vice versa.

Disable Your PC’s Sleep Function

  • If your PC has an automatic sleep setting enabled, try turning it off.

Uninstall/Reinstall League of Legends

  • A bit extreme, but a tested method that reliably fixes most problems caused by broken game files.
    • Note: Reinstalling League of Legends is optional.

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Hopefully, this guide helps you from encountering this issue in the future. For more information on League of Legends, check out more from us at Prima Games.

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