How to Fix Dubious Food in Tears of the Kingdom

Don't cry over dubious food.

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Creating dubious food in Tears of the Kingdom is a costly mistake, offering limited restorative benefits. However, this guide will help you rectify the issue and maximize your culinary efforts.

How to Fix Dubious Food in Tears of the Kingdom

To improve dubious food, start by completing the side quest “The Ultimate Dish” offered by Moza. Once you’ve finished the quest, you can bring her any dubious or rock-hard meals, and she’ll enhance it for a modest fee.

How to Start “The Ultimate Dish”

Moza can be a bit elusive as she’s often found cooking in a well, indicated by the smoke coming from it. To locate her, head to the Rokoka Hills Well in the Lanayru Wetlands, just north of Kakariko Village, at the coordinates (1716, -0649, 0025).

If you can go past the Ring Ruins in Kakariko, then the Makasura Shrine is the fastest way to make it to the well. Otherwise, you can use the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower or any of the other nearby Shrines. The well is situated on a small outcropping on the south shore of the Lanayru Wetlands. Once inside, you can strike up a conversation with her to begin the quest.

How to Finish the Ultimate Dish

To complete “The Ultimate Dish,” present Moza with any of your ruined dishes, whether it’s dubious or rock-hard food. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to craft it. Dubious food can be created by combining incompatible ingredients or by cooking with monster parts or other critters, while rock-hard food is the result of cooking with ore. Since you can’t utilize Moza’s pot for cooking, you’ll need to find your own or use a portable pot from your Zonai devices. Once you’ve prepared the dish, hand it over to her, along with the requested fee of five rupees.

Following a brief conversation, she will return your improved meal. Its effectiveness will vary depending on the quality of the ingredients used, but it will be more beneficial than in its original state.

If you’re looking to avoid making dubious food in the first place, check out all the food recipes in Tears of the Kingdom or learn the recipe to make Monster Curry yourself.

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