How to Fix Discord Not Connecting

A few tips to help you talk to friends again

How to fix Discord not connecting error
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Booting up Discord can result in a great time talking to friends and server community members or various issues with connecting to the service. Here are some suggestions for fixing the Discord not connecting issue.

How to Fix Discord Not Connecting Error

The main reasons you may encounter the Discord not connecting error are due to server-side, internet, and network issues. In some cases, it is a temporary server outage that the Discord development team has to resolve. In other situations, you may have an unstable internet connection, causing unexpected connection issues.

With that said, below are some suggestions for fixing the Discord not connecting issue:

  1. Check Discord Status and see if it’s a temporary server-side problem.
  2. Update your device’s date and time.
  3. Restart your router.
  4. Check your Firewall settings and antivirus apps to ensure they aren’t blocking access to Discord.

If your internet, Firewall, and date and time are all up-to-date and functional, there is a chance it is an issue on Discord’s end that you’ll have to wait to resolve. In most cases, you’ll find updates on latency issues and errors posted by the official Discord dev team, as well as periodic updates on their progress toward resolving these problems.

However, if there are no reported issues on the Discord Status page, it may be a client-side problem.

In this case, the easiest way to check is to check your internet connection to see if you’re connected and rejoin your network if you’re not. If you suspect your connection may be unstable, restarting your router and rechecking can quickly resolve the issue or eliminate it as a possibility.

Another quick solution is to check your device’s time and set it to the correct date. In some situations, such as a major Windows or mobile update, your date and time may not automatically update, requiring you to set it manually.

Lastly, in some situations, your Firewall settings, antivirus apps, or other programs can conflict with Discord and prevent it from booting up, especially if they specifically block Discord from opening. Checking these and ensuring they’re set to allow Discord to run can eliminate multiple potential errors, including not connecting to Discord.

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