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How to Find the Sea Shanty Easter Egg in Dead Space Remake

"What do you do with an undead sailor?"

by Grant Testa

Motive Studio truly pulled out all the stops for its acclaimed remake of the sci-fi horror classic, Dead Space. Here’s a quick rundown: Improved graphics? Check. New side missions? You betcha. Multiple endings? That’s right. Secret sea shanties?! Aye, aye, captain.

Yep, that’s right sailors, it was recently uncovered that hidden amongst the the many terrors of the USG Ishimura is a secret sea shanty audio log that can only be covered through a very special process. So sing along gamers, as we party like it’s 2021 on Sea Shanty TikTok, and demonstrate how to find Dead Space’s briniest Easter egg.

Where Can You Find the Sea Shanty Easter Egg in Dead Space?

The sea shanty Easter egg can be found on the Bridge, which becomes available in Chapter 4 and beyond and is navigable by the tram at any time until the point of no return.

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In the Atrium, head into the Atrium Systems and Comms Array Elevator.

In the elevator, select Floor 3.

Once on the third floor, locate the Break Room, it is a side room with the door located on the right side of the hallway.

The Break Room features an eerie red circle surrounded by candles in front of a screen with a video of the Marker. This is where the sea shanty Easter egg can be found.

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How to Obtain the Sea Shanty Audio Log in the Dead Space Remake

In order to obtain the sea shanty Easter Egg, you must move Isaac in the middle of the red circle and input the following commands in this exact order:

Melee, Stomp, Melee, Melee, Stomp, Melee, Stomp, Melee, Melee, Melee, Melee, Stomp

If you have done the correct sequence, the video screen with the Marker will turn a darker, reddish color, and an audio log will appear next to Isaac. This is the sea shanty Easter Egg.

For musically inclined gamers, or those who just would like to sing along, the lyrics of Dead Space’s sea shanty (a parody of “Wellerman,” a 1960s sea ballad that originated in New Zealand) can be found below.

Dead Space Sea Shanty Lyrics

(Verse One)

“There once was a ship from the CEC,

The Ishimura USG,

She’d crack a moon with gravity,

Go me bullyboys, go – ha!


Soon may the Kellion come,

To save our souls and take us home,

One day when the fixin’ is done,

We’ll take our leave and go,

(Verse Two)

Three score years she served her tour,

Thirty planets cracked and more,

The captain called “no-fly” and swore,

He’d take that Marker in tow – ha!

(Chorus repeat)





La-da-da da-da-da,

(Verse Three)

Before the ship could set on home,

Tragedy’s struck and the colony’s all gone,

The old Red Marker done them wrong,

And brought the miners low-ha!

(Chorus repeat)

(Verse Four)

The ghouls aboard, a mystery,

Spoke of in Unitology,

The captain swore he’d keep his creed,

And dragged his crew down so – ha!

(Chorus repeat)

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