How to Find the Quietus Dungeon in Harvestella

Secret tunnel.

Quietus is the season of death in Harvestella. You know, the five seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Death. It’s been like this since the beginning of time. Quietus locks you out of all activities and farming while it is in effect. This season comes between the changing of every other season, so you’ll always need to prepare. However, something strange also happens during this time. Here is how to find the Quietus dungeon in Harvestella.

How to Find the Quietus Dungeon in Harvestella

The first time you will be able to encounter this dungeon is after the first 30 days of Spring. Quietus will come in between the Spring and Summer seasons for the first time. It only lasts one day, so you’ll need to be quick about entering the dungeon and spend as much time in there as you can because once Quietus is over, you will lose access to the dungeon until Quietus returns after another 30 days.

You will need to visit the old well on your farm property to enter the dungeon. It can be found just north of your crops. If you’ve unlocked fast travel with the Motus Monolite, just head to the “Old Well” location through the Motus, and it will teleport you to the location.

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During Quietus, you’ll notice the well is glowing; when you interact with it you can enter the secret Quietus dungeon. Now, we won’t spoil what is in there, but you’ll want to make sure you’re stocked up on meals, drinks, and any other healing items you might need.

Of course, once Quietus is over, this will return to just being a well that you can not interact with, so make the most of the time you have with it because it will be brief.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about where to find the secret Quietus dungeon in Harvestella. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, check out Prima Games. We have many useful guides for you to peruse, like how to unlock cooking in the game.

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