How to Find the Adamantine Longsword Mould in Baldur’s Gate 3

Just kill some dwarves, avoid some traps, and make some questionable jumps!

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Some of the best weapons you can get in Act 1 must be forged with your own hands in the Adamantine Forge. But to do that, you’ll need moulds. And if you happen to enjoy the best weapon type, longswords, you’ll want to grab the Longsword Mould. Here’s how to find the adamantine longsword mould in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Find the Longsword Mould for the Adamantine Forge in Baldur’s Gate 3

As you go to rescue Nere, the True Soul with a pretty bounty on his head, you’ll find yourself scouring the Grymforge for solutions. But one item you might miss during your excursion is the Longsword Mould which is very easy to miss.

To find it, head to the far Northwest corner of the Grymforge, where you’ll find three dwarves using Roth to unblock a cave-in. The dwarf will try to bully you into beating the Roth. And while you do need to get through this blockage to access the longsword mould, you don’t need the Roth to do so. So, handle the dwarf any way you like.

Note that attacking the dwarf will lead to the Roth attacking you. But that doesn’t mean you can Eldritch Blast the dwarves over the edge and then knock out the Roth, giving them the time to rest they truly deserve.

Once that’s done, blast or attack your way through the rocks blocking the hall.

You’ll find a stairwell. Follow it all the way up, but note. Once you’ve reached the next long corridor, there are traps aplenty. Try hard not to trigger them and make a beeline to the ladder to the left of the path. Climb down, then jump to the iron pathway to find the Longsword Mould.

You can also follow this pathway to its end and jump onto the rocks to find a Scimitar Mould on a Skeleton. Two Moulds out of five without once stepping into the Adamantine Forge.

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