How to Find Lieutenant Torres and U3-09 Security Keycard in Starfield (Groundpounder Quest)

Is this a bug?

While doing the Groundpounder quest, you are tasked with finding the U3-09 Security Card. For those struggling to find Lieutenant Torres and the U3-09 Security Keycard in Starfield’s Groundpounder quest, I have compiled some tips that can be helpful. And just to clarify, this is not a bug.

Where to Find the U3-09 Security Keycard in Starfield

Open the door pictured below to find the U3-09 Security Keycard. When you leave Corporal Lezama’s room, turn right, and you will see the marked door. Remember that the U3-09 Maintenance Keycard that you already have on you differs from the U3-09 Security Keycard you need. 

The U3-09 Security Keycard will be given to you by Lieutenant Torres and Sergeant Dasari when you meet them.

Where to Find Lieutenant Torres in Starfield

To find Lieutenant Torres in Starfield, you must first defeat waves of enemies that emerge after you go through the red door. Then, you will hear fighting behind closed doors. Those are Lieutenant Torres and Sergeant Dasari, fighting off Spacers. March right through the door and be the cavalry they were expecting. After a short discussion, you will get the U3-09 Security Keycard.

You will meet Captain Myeong and Private Tsai as you progress through the corridors, and it will be an interesting dialogue, to say the least, given that these two pairs of people belong to different organizations. They are friendly, all in all.

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You will end up raiding a Spacer base where you must dispose of half a dozen Spacers and save some Freestar Militia people in captivity. Make sure to save the game before landing. I had a bug where the final Spacer got stuck behind a locked door that required a “Master” level to unlock. He didn’t want to leave, so I had to use a console cheat command to enable noclip and kill him so that the door automatically unlocked because I didn’t have the necessary lockpicking level to do so myself. I didn’t want to cheat by inputting the Skill ID cheat.

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