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How to Find and Use ODM Gear in Fortnite

Aim for the nape!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
ODM Gear Fortnite

The main draw of the Fortnite X Attack on Titan crossover has been the ODM Gear that was teased in the trailer, and now we finally have access to it on the island. Also known as Omni-directional Mobility Gear, the iconic AOT ropes and blades are reminiscent of the Spider-Man crossover with some extra flair.

Kinetic Blades have been the main tool for mobility since Chapter 4 Season 2 dropped in Fortnite, but you won’t be seeing as many players using the Blade now that there is a much better alternative. Our guide will cover where you can get your hands on some ODM Gear and how to utilize it.

Fortnite X Attack on Titan – How to Find and Use ODM Gear

Despite the Mythic rarity designation of the mobility item, you’ll be able to find the gear all over the map. Most of the time, you’ll see the gear as a floor drop, especially in the western section of the map where the theme is more Medieval. If you’re lucky, chests should be able to drop the gear as well.

Although you can find the item anywhere, there are some locations where the ODM Gear is guaranteed. The best places to search will typically be the Guard Towers that were added to the map for the Attack on Titan X Fortnite event. There is a handful you can find scattered around the medieval sections of the map. Each one will usually have one Scout Regiment Footlocker and some ODM items.

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Another guaranteed location is the Jaeger Family Basement. This spot is also required for the Eren Jaeger Quests and is located in Anvil Square, to the east of The Citadel. You’ll find the basement in the southeasternmost house within Anvil Square, down a staircase on the outside wall. Inside is a guaranteed Scout Regiment Footlocker with ODM Gear.

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