How to Find and Activate Malignant Burrow in Diablo 4

Varshan returns to Season 2 in a new location and ritual.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Barbarian dungeon fight
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Diablo 4 Season 2 introduces several new bosses to defeat for high-end loot, but an old foe from the previous season does return. Varshan can be fought within the second season in the new Malignant Burrow location, so here is how to find and activate him.

How to Find Malignant Burrow in Diablo 4

The Malignant Burrow can be found under the Tree of Whispers, in the southeast corner of the map within the Hawezar region. Players can get to the location easily through the fast travel waypoint nearby.

The area should already be unlocked for players who have completed the main campaign, though it also requires players to complete the Whispers of the Dead quest.

How to Activate Echo of Varshan in Diablo 4

The Echo of Varshan requires a few resources before it can be summoned in the Malignant Burrow. The boss requires:

  • One Blackened Femur
  • One Gurgling Head
  • One Trembling Hand
  • One Malignant Heart (World Tier 4)

All four ingredients can be found by opening Whisper Caches, which are rewards given by the Tree of Whispers for earning 10 Grim Favors. Grim Favors are earned by completing various activities around the map. The resources can also drop after defeating Grotesque Debtors enemies.

The first three body parts can also be crafted at the Alchemist. However, it requires Veiled Crystals, other resources, and at least one of the body parts already.

Head to the Malignant Burrow after obtaining all three parts for the World Tier 3 boss, or all four parts in World Tier 4. The dungeon is straightforward and ends in a circular room with an altar. Interact with the altar to activate the Echo of Varshan and start the fight.

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