How to Find All the Deer Heads in Return 1: Invitation in Alan Wake 2

There's probably symbolism in this

It’s a little morbid, but finding deer heads will serve Saga well in Alan Wake 2. Here’s how to find all the Deer Heads in Return 1: Invitation in Alan Wake 2.

How to Find All the Deer Skulls in Return 1: Invitation in Alan Wake 2

So, if you’ve accidentally stumbled across a mounted deer head in Alan Wake 2 with Saga, you’ll notice that she’ll pet it. And it’s well worth finding every deer head in the game.

There are twelve total deer heads in Alan Wake 2 and three in Chapter 1 / Return 1: Invitation. By finding all twelve, you’ll unlock bonus supplies for Saga. All deer skulls can be found before Return 6: Scratch, Saga’s point of no return.

So, if you miss these deer skulls in the first chapter, don’t stress!

The Cultist Trailer at Cauldron Lake – Deer Head Location 1

This deer head can be found south of the murder site. There, you’ll find a trailer and your first Cultist Cache.

Head inside the trailer and turn left. You’ll find yourself in a ramshackle room, but there will be a sorely out-of-place deer head on the wall.

Interact with it, and Saga will pet it.

The Lodge – Deer Head Location 2

The second deer can be found after reaching Bright Falls for the first time. It’s within the lodge, which is the massive log cabin-style hotel.

Once you enter the lodge, turn right towards the Dining Room. Once you hit the bar, turn left.

The deer head will be over the fireplace.

Oh Deer Diner – Deer Head Location 3

The final deer head is aptly located in Oh Deer Diner in Bright Falls.

Head to the back of the diner and take the corridor to the right, with the restroom signs above it. Open the first door to your right, and you’ll find a mounted deer head staring at you.

Finding Out How Many Deer Heads You Have Left in Alan Wake 2

If you’ve lost caught of how many deers you’ve pet, you can head into Saga’s Mind Place. There, above her own mental fireplace, is another deer head. Interact with it, and the deer will tell you how many are left. If you’ve followed this guide, the answer should be nine!

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