How to Find all Clues in Supernormal

You can find all the clues... but can you get the good ending?

Sophia is missing and the house she lived in is full of ominous clues. But finding them all is no easy task. Here are all the clue locations in Supernormal.

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All Clue Locations in Supernormal

Supernormal has you playing as a detective determined to find a missing girl. But something’s deeply wrong in this house. You’ll need to find each clue to get a sense of who the real culprit might be and where that young girl might have gone.

All Kitchen Clue Locations in Supernormal

There are six clues in the kitchen.

  • The Ouija board on the shelf right before the kitchen island. It’s near the top of the wall as you enter the kitchen from the living room.
  • The first set of dirty dishes on the counter.
  • The concealed matches. This is to the left of the first set of dirty dishes, on the counter beside the oven. Be sure to click them then zoom all the way in. You’ll know that you’ve successfully “obtained” this clue if Wyatt begins a dialogue.
  • The streak of blood behind the pot. This can be finnicky, just zoom into it and try your best to get the dialogue to trigger.
  • The matches beside the dishes. Not concealed, just be sure to zoom in on it.
  • The dirty dishes in the sink.
  • The bloody handprints on the cutting board.

All Entryway Clue Locations in Supernormal

There are four pieces of paper scattered around the entry way, close to the phone on the table.

Three are on the right side table.

The last one is to the left of the door, tucked between the broken mirror and the entry bench.

All Bathroom Clue Locations in Supernormal

To investigate the bathroom you’ll need to click on the button above the toilet. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to move your camera around and catch all the clues.

There are only three clues here.

  • The sink.
  • The flush.
  • The bloody handprints on the toilet bowl.

All Bedroom Clue Locations in Supernormal

This is the easiest room by far to complete.

Head into the bedroom and look to the right of the couch. You’ll find a stack of pills on the table bedside the bed. Examine it. Then, turn the camera left to examine the pills on the couch arm. Once you’ve examined both, you’ll pop the achievement.

All Laundry Room Clue Locations

Upstairs, you’ll find the laundry room. It’s sparse, and there are only two clues here.

  • The pistol on the pile of clothes.
  • The bloody handprint on the washing machine.

All Living Room Clues in Supernormal

So, this is near the bottom for a reason. You won’t be able to find all the living room clues until midway through the game.

The ones you can find immediately are near the piano.

  • Bloody handprint on the piano keys. Be sure to look at both!
  • Bloody handprint in the recess. While examining the piano, bring your camera up to look at the recess above it. There, you’ll find bloody handprints near the vase and near the light.
  • Ouija board planchette. The next clue can’t be found until you’ve completed one or two of the paranormal clues. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to find the Ouija board pointer on the kitchen island leaning on the jar of nuts. I don’t know why this counts for living room.

All Email and Password Clue Locations in Supernormal

To trigger the first of these clues, you’ll need to get the first cutscene with the ghost girl.

Email Clue 1

Once that happens, head downstairs and access the computer. Use the computer to look at the laundry room.

Even if you turned off the light here before, it may still be back on. Either way, turn off the light, then look at the camera in the laundry room again. This will tell you to “find the email”.

Email Clue 2

Next, head back upstairs into the bedroom. You’ll get a cutscene with bloody footprints. Follow the footprints down the stairs to the entry way. Do not go ahead of the ghost girl, she’ll knock you out if you touch her. Instead, follow the footprints patiently.

Once she puts a bloody handprint on the light, turn off the light and access the camera. Look at the entry way in night vision and you’ll get your next clue.

“1 MA”.

Email Clue 3

Next, go upstairs and approach the laundry room. You’ll get a cut scene of the girl in the bedroom.

Head downstairs, look at the camera in the bedroom and she’ll be interacting with the light in the hallway next to the bedroom. Go back upstairs and interact with the light switch. You can’t preemptively turn off the light. She’ll just turn it back on for some reason.

Once the light is off, go back downstairs and look at the bedroom hallway with the computer to get the next clue.

“2 RK”.

Email Clue 4

Head back up to the bedroom, going close to the bed. You’ll get another cutscene. Head downstairs. Look at the kitchen with the computer. You may need to change perspectives. Once you see the flashing lights and the handprint on the kitchen light switch, leave the computer.

Go turn off the light in the kitchen. Then, return to your laptop to see the next clue in the kitchen.

“3 2009.”

Altogether, we have MARK2009. Now, we just need to find the password.

Password Clue 1

Now, you may notice that the bathroom light is flashing. Head towards the bathroom and turn off the light. Doing so will reveal the first clue to the password.

“1 S”.

Password Clue 2

Leave the bathroom and head to the kitchen. Go to the light switch beside the window and turn it off. This will cause the second clue to appear to the left of the window.

“5 T””.

Password Clue 3

Head upstairs. You’ll see the flashing light in the hallway. Interact with the hallway light switch for the third clue.

“2 W”.

Password Clue 4

So, I’m not certain if you need to get knocked unconscious to trigger the next clue. But what I did is enter the bedroom and approach the place where you found the table full of pills.

This caused me to get knocked out. But once this happened, the lights began flickering in the hallway upstairs again. This allowed me to get Clue 4, which you can access by looking at the lightswitch immediately to the right of the stairs once you get to the top landing.

“6 P”.

Password Clue 5

For the fifth password, go downstairs. Nothing will be down here yet. But once you’ve been downstairs, head back upstairs and then back downstairs.

This should trigger the lights flashing in the living room. Head towards the fireplace and turn off the light switch to the left of it.  This will reveal clue 5.

“3 E”.

Password Clue 6

Turn around, and you’ll see a new light flashing in the living room. Flip the switch above the couch on the left side, and you’ll see a new clue.

“7 J”.

Password Clue 7

Almost there! Now, we just need to head back upstairs. Interact with the light before you enter the bedroom on the right. This will reveal the next clue.

“8 K”.

Password Clue 8

Final clue. Head back downstairs after a cutscene and enter the living room. Above the right couch is a light switch. Flip it and you’ll get the final clue for the password.

“4 E”.

That makes the password “SWEETPJK”. Weird!

Altogether, the username is Mark2009 and the password is SWEETPJK. All caps! Now, go solve that mystery.

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