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How to Find a Hop Egg and Deal Damage in Fortnite

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
Hop Egg Fortnite

There is still about a week left in the Spring Breakout event within Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 and that means plenty of additional quests tied to the Easter event. One of the latest daily quests asks players to deal damage while under the effects of a Hop Egg.

Completing the quest will give out one of the event cosmetics rather than some simple XP, so you won’t want to miss this before the rotation changes. With this Spring Breakout Hop Egg guide, you can find out where to find one of these eggs and how they currently work in the battle royale.

Fortnite Spring Breakout – How to Find a Hop Egg and Deal Damage

When the Easter-themed event goes live every year, the eggs usually appear in one way or another, but the mechanics tend to change a bit. This year, there are three types of eggs and they can be found scattered around the entire map. The key to finding them is looking for some brightly colored chickens.

These chickens will walk around and lay three different eggs, which include green, purple, and gold. If you’re attempting this challenge, you want to look for the purple ones, otherwise known as a Hop Egg. Make sure you’re missing at least one HP so you can consume the egg.

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Once you have the Hop Egg effect active in Fortnite, simply deal up to 100 damage against an enemy player and you can finish the Spring Breakout Quest. The reward is a spray that shows an Easter Bunny with a hammer swinging at an egg. Make sure to claim it before it goes away.

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