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How to Fight Secret Boss Douglas’ Suit in High on Life

Want to fight a dead octopus piloting a space suit?

by Daphne Fama

High On Life is a comedy sci-fi shooter set in space where you, a teenager with a sentient gun, are Earth’s last hope against a drug cartel set on turning all humans into drugs. It’s a wild premise, but fans will find that the solution to Earth’s problem is fairly familiar: kill every boss the drug cartel can throw at you.

This drug cartel, called G3, contains six bosses. But did you know it’s actually possible to kill one boss early? Yes, you can kill a G3 head honcho before you even step into his arena.

The poor sap you gun down is Douglas, the sadist who likes to go a little too hard during Dreg Town parties. An activity that usually winds up with his grunts being tortured to death. He offers a challenging boss fight, so here’s how to kill him early (and fight his suit instead).

How to Fight Secret Boss Douglas’ Suit in High on Life

As you’re going through Dreg Town, you might be tempted to have Kenny or Sweezy out as you wipe out an entire recruitment center’s worth of grunts. But if you want to fight the Secret Boss, Douglas’ Suit, you’ll want to have Gus out after you go through G3 grunt training.

Even if Gus isn’t your favorite gun, the checkpoint system can be very unforgiving. You’ll need to have Gus out when you first encounter Dr. Jupie. If you only want to have Gus out during the relevant parts, you’ll first encounter Dr. Jupie when you approach a very large orange pipe. Have Gus out as you approach this pipe.

Dr. Jupie will pop out of a hatch and tell you that Douglas has kidnapped his wife and kids, and he needs help getting through the pipes so he can face Douglas. Gus is immediately reassuring and promises to help Dr. Jupie, and you’re tasked with solving a pipe puzzle. Keep Gus out for this, as you’ll need Dr. Jupie and Gus to exchange dialogue once you’ve solved it.

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Continue through the level until you enter Maintenance Station 8. Dr. Jupie will pop out of the orange pipe again and ask you to solve the puzzle. Again, Gus should be out and ready. Solve this puzzle with Gus, and Gus will gush about how much he loves Dr. Jupie.

When you enter Maintenance Station C, Dr. Jupie will appear again and ask you to solve one more puzzle. Dr. Jupie will start talking about his family, and Gus will grow suspicious. Whenever you’ve met Dr. Jupie, he talks about his wife and many children. But Dr. Jupie gets the name of his second child wrong. Dr. Jupie nervously brushes this mistake away.

Complete half the puzzle, and Dr. Jupie will pop up in the middle of the puzzle again to talk more about his wife and kids, and this time Gus will call Dr. Jupie out on getting the name of the kids wrong again. He’ll ask Dr. Jupie if he’s messing with them, but Dr. Jupie will declare that he’s innocent and highly vulnerable. Would he make himself so vulnerable if he was lying?

Gus then tells you to “shoot his ass.” Kenny will tell you not to but ignore Kenny. Kenny is a terrible judge of character. Shoot Dr. Jupie.  

Yeah, turns out Dr. Jupie is Douglas.

The dialogue for this is actually great, so it’s worth doing if you’re thinking of doing a second run or even doing this instead of the normal boss battle. Finish up the puzzle and enter Douglas’ chamber. Douglas will die just as he’s getting into the suit, and the suit will enter chaos mode and then try to kill you. It’s also worth having Gus out for this fight, as he has some really great rants as the fight progresses.

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