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How to Farm Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage

Time to farm some Corrupted

by Daphne Fama
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One of the best way to farm exp, gold, and SP in Fire Emblem Engage is through the optional Skirmishes that will occasionally pop up around the map. But did you know it’s possible to force these Skirmishes to appear whenever you like? Here’s how to farm Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to Farm Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage

If there’s one thing that you’ll need in Fire Emblem Engage, it’s experience points and SP. Both will become increasingly essential as the story missions you face become progressively harder, especially as you re-class and advance your units.

One of the best means for grinding out experience and SP is by farming skirmishes. These skirmishes will appear on your map periodically once you’ve finished a story mission, but they’re not random. They’re triggered by the passage of time. So, if you want to endlessly level up your units for maximum unit efficiency, become a time wizard.

To do that:

  • go into your Nintendo Switch settings
  • go into System option
  • select Date and Time
  • turn off your internet-adjusted clock if that setting is on
  • set your time ahead by a minimum of 1 hour (beyond this point it doesn’t matter, follow your whims, time wizard)

Return to the game and the world map and you should see a few Skirmishes scattered here and there. Continue beating butts and pushing the time forward until you get bored or your units become literal demi-gods that even the Fell Dragon will quiver in fear of.

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You might notice that there are several types of Skirmishes you can find across the maps well. There are 4 total, and three offer a unique benefit beyond standard exp and SP.

  1. Standard Skirmish – This is your default and will act like a normal battle, with all a normal battle’s benefits, like exp, SP, and Bond Fragments.
  2. Gold Corrupted – Happy days if you happen to be a little cash poor and stumble across this type of Skirmish. In this Skirmish, Gold Corrupted will spawn and will drop money when defeated.
  3. Silver Corrupted – In these encounters, Silver Corrupted will spawn, and they will offer more exp when killed. So, select their executioner carefully.
  4. Training – My favorite skirmish! You’ll be sent to the familiar castle you battled in at the start of the game. Complete this skirmish and you’ll get money, 3,000 exp, and a bonus 50 exp to every participating unit.

If you find that this method isn’t working, it’s important to note that you can abuse Skirmish farms when you’re on Maddening. That would make it too easy!

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