How to Farm NTH Metal in Gotham Knights

Depends on what you mean by "farm"

As you probably know by now, Gotham Knights is one of those games in which you bop enemies with your weapons and colorful knick-knacks burst from their bodies after they fall down (non-lethally of course). These items range from full-on new pieces of gear you can equip, to pieces of those pieces of gear. You use those smaller items to craft gear based on blueprints, which are also dropped and earned through play. One of the toughest materials to get is NTH Metal, so here’s how to get it.

Gotham Knights: How to Find NTH Metal

NTH Metal is a “legendary” material, which means it’s at the top of the rarity scale. So it ain’t easy to get. As I write this, I have around 140 pieces of NTH Metal while I have hundreds or thousands of everything else. And I don’t think I’ve actually used any yet, so that’s cumulative!

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that NTH Metal is “easy” to get in that it’s dropped by any enemy. Every “Faction” can potentially drop NTH Metal. The bad news is it’s, as Gotham Knights itself notes, “inconceivably rare.” That means you aren’t getting it no matter what your “farming” tips are.

The best you can do is seek out Premediated Crimes on at least “Normal” difficulty. That should increase your chances of squaring up against the “Champion” or “Veteran” level enemies. Those guys are marked with little crowns when you scan them in AR mode, and at best you’ll only run into a couple of them usually. These enemies are the toughest ones, of course, so you have to be ready to rumble.

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In short, the best way to farm NTH Metal in Gotham Knights is to just keep playing the game, and specifically hang out in the open world and tackle Premeditated Crimes. Having your fast travel points as filled out as possible will help your grinding feel more like farming, for what it’s worth. Maybe even crank up the difficulty level a bit in the menu, although we aren’t certain yet that actually has an impact (will update here with confirmation when possible).

Good luck, folks!

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