How to Evolve Gligar in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Need a Gliscor in your life? Find out how to get them here.

Gligar has been a personal favorite of mine since their debut in Generation II of Pokemon. Their adorable but still slightly menacing design is always a staple on my team, and the introduction of evolution in Generation IV made them even better. With Gligar finally returning to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC, The Teal Mask, I was instantly ready to get into the hunt and get myself a Gliscor. Let’s find out how to evolve one and start catching them all.

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How To Evolve Gligar Into Gliscor In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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To obtain this evolution, you’re going to need a few pieces of equipment:

  • Rare Candy
  • Razor Fang
  • Experience Candies

Granted, you don’t technically need the Rare Candy, but as a level-based evolution, it’s always great to have an easy way out of things. The next item that you’ll need is the Razor Fang, which is rewarded to you after seeing 110 Pokemon in the Kitakami Pokedex. You just need to bring up your Pokedex, select the Katikami Pokedex, and press the X button to claim your reward.

Once you have obtained the Razor Fang, you’ll want the Gligar in your party to hold onto it. You can give a Pokemon in your party an item by selecting the Pokemon you’d like; in this case, Gligar, pressing the A button on them and selecting the option “Give an item to hold.” Hand over the Razor Fang and prepare to wait for Night time in the game.

Between the hours of 8:00 pm and 4:00 am in-game, you’ll want to give your Gligar a piece of Rare Candy, and they’ll start evolving once they level up. Now, you’ve got yourself a Gliscor and are ready to tackle the battles waiting for you in this exciting new DLC pack. If you’re hoping to up your fashion game or just want to find out about new photo mode features, be sure to check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet section below.

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