How to EV Train Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Effort brings results, and they usually do be good

One of the biggest turn-offs for getting into competitive Pokemon is assembling the perfect team with perfect stats. Going into a tournament with a slightly less-than-perfect team will most likely result in tragedy, no matter how good your strategy is. Reality is harsh, but it is what it is.

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Achieving said perfect stats will require lots of training and searching for the perfect EVs that suit your moveset the best. If you’re not used to the term, EVs are Effort Values, which are extra stats Pokemon can get through many ways such as battles. Each wild Pokemon you defeat will give you a certain amount of EVs for a specific stat. 

Since you need to fill up to 512 EVs for each Pokemon in your competitive team, that task needs a considerable amount of time to be concluded. Generation IX games were kind enough to make that process way easier with a few additions to the game. Here’s how you can EV Train your Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Start Your EV Train in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Your first step is to know what you’re looking for. Each Pokemon has its optimal competitive EVs, and you should focus on training those exclusively. We suggest looking into sites like Smogon for EVs recommendations as those may not always be as simple as you imagine.

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With a goal in mind, it’s time to pick your team. Since you cannot turn the Exp. Share off in Scarlet and Violet, every member in your party receives EV for each fainted Pokemon. This makes the process easier, but also means that you should only walk with Pokemon that will make use of that specific stat. If you’re training speed, for example, use only those who can benefit from that. 

Next, it’s time to choose your targets. It should be something that you can easily one-shot and quickly find. Note that you need to actually fight with the Pokemon since Auto Battles won’t grant any EVs after their completion.

Best Pokemon for EV Training in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

HpMakuhita (+1); Hariyama (+2)Zapapico
AttackMankey, Capsakid, Mudbray, Rockruff (+1)West Province (Area One) – Central
DefenseRolycoly, Silocobra (+1); Torkoal, Carkol (+2)Zapapico
Special AttackGolduck, Tatsugiri (+2)Western of West Province (Area Three)
Special DefenseSwablu, Goomy (+1); Altaria, Sliggoo (+2)Western of West Province (Area Three)
SpeedMagikarp, Buizel, Wattrels (+1); Floatzel, Killowattrels (+2)Island in East Paldean Sea

Those are the basics of EV training, but you can get the job done much easier with just a little bit of extra effort.

How to Get EVs Easier in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There are a lot of items that modify the amount of earned EVs by battle or that simply increase them directly. You can even get rid of the old EVs you earned through the story with some of them. Here’s how you can bring your EV game up.


Pokemon also need to grow healthy. Give them vitamins to instantly increase their EVs by 10. Chansey Supply stores will sell them for 10.000 Poke Dollars each, assuming you have at least three gym badges.

  • HP Up – Increases Health
  • Protein – Increases Attack
  • Iron – Increases Defense
  • Calcium – Increases Special Attack
  • Zinc – Increases Special Defense
  • Carbos – Increases Speed

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Feathers can be obtained by picking them up around the field and are basically weaker Vitamins. They increase a specific EV by +1 on usage. You may also get them as rewards for completing Tera Raids.

  • Health Feather – Increases HP
  • Muscle Feather – Increases Attack
  • Resist Feather – Increases Defense
  • Genius Feather – Increases Special Attack
  • Clever Feather – Increases Special Defense
  • Swift Feather – Increases Speed


Those sweet fruits work as opposite Vitamins, reducing a specific EV by 10. Since you should make the best use of your limited 512 points, they’re also mandatory for perfect EV training.

  • Pomag Berry – Decreases HP
  • Kelpsy Berry – Decreases Attack
  • Qualot Berry – Decreases Defense
  • Hondew Berry – Decreases Special Attack
  • Grepa Berry – Decreases Special Defense
  • Tamato Berry – Decreases Speed

Power items

Giving these items to your Pokemon will decrease their speed by half, but they’ll receive extra EVs for each battle. Think of them literally giving more effort to their training by using those heavy weights. They can be obtained through Delibird Presents stores around Paldea.

  • Power Weight – HP
  • Power Bracer – Attack
  • Power Belt – Defense
  • Power Lens – Special Attack
  • Power Band – Special Defense
  • Power Anklet – Speed

How to Check EVs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

You can keep a tab on how many EVs you still need by going to your Pokemon’s Summary page and pressing L to check its EV graphic. If you see some sparkles around a certain Stat, it means that it has already reached its 252 limit, so start focusing on another one.

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And that’s pretty much it. Now it’s up to you to give your maximum effort so your team can best every opponent you may find in your journey. Good luck with your training!

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