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All Delibird Presents Locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Why scrounge on the ground like a peasant when you can have it hand-delivered by a Christmas bird

by Daphne Fama

The Paldea Region is vast, with items scattered across the land practically spoiling you with free goods. But there are some things that are so rare (or impossible) to find in the wild, you’ll have no choice but to leave the wilds and head into one of the cities and towns of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Department stores have made an appearance in most Pokemon games, starting with Kanto’s iconic Celadon Department Store and ending with Unova’s Shopping Mall Nine. But Paldea has chosen to do away with all this and let birds run things for once.

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Yep, the best shop in all of Paldea is Delibird Presents, a story that is arguably run by the Delivery Pokemon itself. This shop is full of all the best items, from items your Pokemon can hold to boost their moves to items that will let them evolve. Many of these items are locked behind gym badges or postgame, and certain items can only be found in specific branches of Delibird Presents.

All Delibird Presents Locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There are only three Delibird Presents in Pokemon Scarlet, located in the major city centers. You can find this shop in the starting city Mesagoza, the oasis in the desert Cascarrafa, and the electrified Levincia.

Once you claim four badges, these Delibird Presents will start to feature city-exclusive items. Mesagoza, for example, will let trainers buy the Destiny Knot for 4,000 Pokedollars. Levincia offers the Binding Band for 20,000 Pokedollars, and in Cascarrafa you can buy the Utility Umbrella for 15,000 Pokedollars.

But that’s just a handful of examples out of many, and even more items become unlocked that are exclusive to these cities in the postgame.