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How to Escape Heat 5 Cops in Need For Speed Unbound

How to get rid of that pesky helicopter?

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Escape Heat 5 Cops in Need For Speed Unbound

Police chases are a staple of almost every Need For Speed game, but this aspect of the iconic street racing series can be exhilarating and enjoyable at times, and downright annoying at others – so how do police work in Unbound? Well, it’s a mixed bag. How hard they go after you firstly depends on the choice of difficulty, but generally at low “wanted levels”, of which there are five in Unbound, they aren’t much of a problem. It’s only when you reach the maximum Heat Level and when helicopters join the chase that things become very, very complicated. So, how can you escape Heat 5 cops in NFS Unbound? Let’s find out.

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How to Escape Heat 5 Cops in Need For Speed Unbound

You will most often reach Heat Level 5 at night, although it is not impossible to enter this kind of pursuit during the day. The police will definitely chase you with only one thing on mind – to steal your hard-earned cash from street racing. When you know how hard it is to get money in NFS Unbound, especially at the beginning of the game – you will want to escape the cops at all costs.

You can always try to escape them the usual “legit” way which often involves extremely long chases across the entire map, sharp turns, and NOS boosting. However, when chasing you on Heat 5, the police also dispatch a helicopter, which in Unbound is extremely persistent and annoying. So there is, at least at the moment of writing, a trick that can be used to quickly escape Heat 5 cops.

The trick is to hide under the bridge, just beside the rail, and turn your engine off. It’s the E button on the PC version. On the Xbox controller, just hold the B button, and on PlayStation hold the Circle. If you park and turn off your car at the right spot under this bridge, you will enter Escape Mode. Just wait it out and you will be free to go with your cash intact. For now, this trick works only with this location marked on the map above, at least it didn’t work on others for us, but feel free to try it out on different spots. Also, if you happen to find long tunnels, where the Helicopter can’t track you, some sharp turns might do the trick as well.

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