How to Earn The Nature of the Beast Trophy/Achievement in Hogwarts Legacy

When a mommy magical creature and daddy magical creature love each other very much...

One of the most important gameplay elements of Hogwarts Legacy is centered around magical creatures. There are thirteen different species of Wizarding World animals found in the RPG that players must capture and relocate to protect the beasts from the dark wizard poachers in the locations surrounding the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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Interestingly enough, after saving and transporting the Wizarding World’s many animals into Vivarium habitats, there is an option to breed new magical creatures, creating an offspring generation. Breeding animals in Hogwarts Legacy (while morally questionable) is highly beneficial to your created character, providing experience points, completing Room of Requirement challenges, and can even net players an achievement or trophy called “The Nature of the Beast,” one of the rarest in the game. Here is everything you need to know about earning The Nature of the Beast trophy/achievement and breeding animals in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Nature of the Beast Trophy/Achievement Explained

According to its description, in order to earn The Nature of the Beast trophy/achievement Hogwarts Legacy, players must “breed every type of beast.” While there are many magical creature species in Hogwarts Legacy, only 12 can be bred in total, which excludes enemy creatures like Mongrels, Spiders, and Trolls. Alphabetically listed, the creatures you will have to breed in order to obtain the achievement are:

  • Diricawls
  • Fwoopers
  • Giant Purple Toads
  • Graphorns
  • Hippogriffs
  • Jobberknolls
  • Kneazles
  • Mooncalves
  • Nifflers
  • Puffskeins
  • Thestrals
  • Unicorns

After breeding each of these magical creatures, you will receive The Nature of the Beast, a silver PlayStation trophy, Steam, or Xbox achievement worth 30 Gamerscore on the latter platform.

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How to Breed Magical Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy

Magical Creatures can be bred in the Vivariums found in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Castle. If you have not yet accessed the Room of Requirement or any of its four Vivariums, you will need to progress further through the story and sidequests in order to breed creatures. Once you have access to animal breeding, proceed with the following process:

Step One: Rescue a Male and Female Magical Creature From Any of the 12 Species That Can be Bred

In the open world of Hogwarts Legacy, you can find an overabundance of magical creature dens, where you can come into contact with the various flocks, herds, packs, etc. of beasts. Use your Nab-Sack to vacuum a male and female of the same species into your bag.

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Step Two: Release the Magical Creatures into a Vivarium in the Room of Requirement

Once you have rescued magical creatures, you can release them into one of the four Vivariums in the Room of Requirement, where they will be protected from the overzealous poachers plaguing the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Step Three: Build a Breeding Pen

In order to breed your magical creatures, you must first build a breeding pen, which can be accomplished easily using your conjuration magic. It will cost 15 Moonstone to craft.

Step Four: Breed the Magical Creatures

Interact with the table next to the Breeding Pen, which will provide options to create magical creature offspring for any species in the Vivarium that has both a male and female beast present. Select which magical creature you want to breed.

Step Five: Happy Birthday!

After 30 minutes, you can meet the new beast offspring. Once you have successfully bred each of the 12 required magical creatures, you will receive “The Nature of the Beast” trophy or achievement.

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