How to Earn the Backstabber Medal in COD Mobile

Do you really want to be known as a Backstabber?

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Even before its release, the idea of Call of Duty Mobile whipped fans into a frenzy. This resulted in one of the world’s most significant mobile game launches, with more than $480 million generated in a year, alongside 270 million downloads. 

The game’s popularity hasn’t ceased thanks to new and frequent updates that make it continuously exciting. With every new update, players are introduced to new content like weapons, gears, rewards, and/or medals. 

There are more than 80 medals in the game, including the Backstabber Medal, and here is how to obtain it in COD: Mobile. 

How to Get Backstabber Medal in COD: Mobile? 

The Backstabber Medal in COD: Mobile is an achievement that a player can only complete when playing in a multiplayer mode. 

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To get it, you must perform a specific task: 

  1. First, enter the loadout section from the multiplayer mode.
  2. Choose a melee weapon; preferably a knife but any will do.
  3. Launch the game mode then go into stealth mode. 
  4. Remain in stealth mode as you want your enemy to be unaware of your presence. 
  5. Once an opponent passes, sneak behind and stab them with your knife or weapon. You can stab or slash the enemy. Either way, you will get a Backstabber Medal for your efforts. 

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Many in-game events have Backstabber Medals as a prerequisite, such as the “Knockout Artist” Seasonal challenge that requires 15 of them. 

No matter how many Backstabber Medals you need to get, the process is the same every time. Launch multiplayer, choose a melee weapon, and sneak up to your enemy to inflict the final blow. 

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