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How to Earn League Tokens in Overwatch 2

We all want the Octopus Zenyatta skin. But do we all want to shell out 18 bucks for it?

by Daphne Fama

Overwatch 2 has released its second season and with it has come a new pantheon of cosmetics, voice lines, and an entirely new hero to unlock. In tandem with this new release, the Overwatch League Store has brought back some of the iconic vaulted Legendary skins like the Lovecraft-esque Zen-nakji skin for Zenyatta and the divine Good and Evil skin for Echo.

But if players want more bang for their buck, there are also two new bundles in the League Store. The Champions Bundle contains Zhulong Sombra and Midas Roadhog, while the Meta Bundle includes Goat Brigitte, Good and Evil Echo, and Zen-nakji Zenyatta.

On their own, each skin costs 300 League Tokens, but the Champions Bundle will save you 100 League Tokens and the Meta Bundle will save you 200. But how do you even get League Tokens in the first place?

How to Earn League Tokens in Overwatch 2

There are two ways to obtain League Tokens if you’re thinking of purchasing some of these exclusive skins. The first is to take advantage of Overwatch 2’s periodic Twitch Drop campaigns. You can check to see if one is ongoing by going to the Twitch Drop page here. Periodically, especially during the League season, you’ll be able to watch streamers and gain Overwatch League Tokens for doing so. Unfortunately for those who are seeking to net a few free League Tokens, there are currently no Twitch Drop campaigns that can help pad your digital wallet.

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But for those who want to wait until the next Twitch Drop campaign before purchasing, it’s important to note that the amount of League Tokens you’ll get per Drop event is likely too low to purchase one skin. Watching one full hour on Twitch during a campaign will only net you 5 League Tokens. But if you watch a total of 30 hours, you’ll get 100 League Tokens. That’s quite the commitment, and still not enough to purchase the skin you have your eye on. But at least it reduces the price.

The only other option players have to nab these limited time skins is to go through the shop and purchase League Tokens directly. 300 League Tokens translates to $18 USD, but that’s on par with other skins in the Overwatch shop.  

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