How to Earn Cash Fast in Saints Row Reboot

Earning cash, but make it fast.

In Saints Row, cash rules everything From buying new clothing to customizing weapons and cars, you’ll need a plethora of cash in order to build your empire. So what’s the best way to earn some cash? Well, here’s how to earn cash fast in Saints Row.

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How to Earn Cash Fast in Saints Row Reboot

First off, your biggest earner for cash is going to be the different criminal ventures you can place around the city. This can be done at the Empire Board, which you unlock once you’ve progressed the mains tory far enough to obtain your church headquarters.

Criminal Ventures

Once you have this unlock, the game will teach you about the Empire Board, which will start earning you passive income. These ventures are pricey and range from 30,000 to almost a million. The first few you’ll be able to purchase are around 30K, and will begin making your passive cash over time. You can speed this up by completing the different objectives for each one. For Instance, Jim rob’s garage will task you with stealing different cars around the map and bringing them back to the garage, do this enough to increase the passive income earned per hour.

You can also eliminate the red threat markers in the area to further increase the cash earned.

To claim the cash, you need to open up your cellphone and click on the cash app in the cellphone menu. You’ll see how much money you’ve earned, and then you can instantly transfer it into your bank account.

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Drug Pallet Pickups

These are indicated by small yellow markers all over your map. They are pallets of drugs scattered around the map, can be on rooftops, underground, or just placed on the sidewalk. Picking each one up will earn you around 500 bucks and are usually found in clusters of three or four. It’s not crazy money, but if you pick them up as you pass by them, it will add up quickly.

Main Story

Main Story missions will continue to give you the most cash upfront. each mission will continually produce more and more cash. As they are the longest mission in the game, it’s important to set aside ample time to complete them, but if you do these as your criminal ventures are earning the passive income, you’ll have a boatload of money to come back to.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to earn cash fast in Saints Row. Seriously, focus on your criminal ventures and you’ll be set for the rest of the game. If you’re having trouble finding the Empire Board, or are curious about the music playing on the radio, we’ve got you covered.

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