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How to Drop Bombs in War Thunder

Drop bombs on your enemies with this helpful trick

Nothing hurts more than finally getting an enemy in your sights and not knowing how to bomb them into oblivion in War Thunder. In most games, you’ll just need to press a specified button to rain hell down on your foes, but War Thunder isn’t your average flight simulator. There are a few steps that you’ll need to take first before you can bring the pain, and newer players may find themselves at a disadvantage if they aren’t sure what they need to do. Strap in and get ready to rain fire from above when you learn how to drop bombs in War Thunder.

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How To Use Bombs and Open Bomb Doors In War Thunder

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One of the first things that you should do before even considering hitting the skies is to set up a preferred control method. You’ll be able to find the controls under Settings, and a helpful search function can point you in the right direction of the option you’re looking for. For this example, you’ll want to search for the following controls:

  • Open Bomb Bay Door
  • Drop Bomb

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Both of these can be found by simply typing “Bomb” into the search bar. The reason you need both of these options set to a specific binding is that simply put, you can’t drop bombs if you don’t open the bomb bay door. If you’ve spotted an enemy, press the key or button you have selected to open the bomb bay doors, and once you are in the proper vicinity to them, press the key or button you have selected to drop the bomb on them.

War Thunder is a daunting experience, especially for newer players, so taking the time to experiment with the Single Player options available can help you ensure your first flight won’t end in disaster. If you’re looking for a new MMO to take to the skies, War Thunder may be exactly what you’re searching for.

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